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Everyone woman with a period has had their fair share of leaks, leading to ruined underwear, pants, and bedsheets. It can feel wildly unfair that we have to constantly we, as women, have to be constantly aware of how long it’s been since we changed our tampon or pads and have to deal with the burden of cleaning up or constantly buying new underwear. Period underwear is an innovative new product that is changing the way women see that time of the month. Period underwear saves you money, protects you against embarrassing leaks, and makes for an easier menstrual cycle overall. In this blog, we’ll go over everything you want to know about period undies, who can use them, how to maintain them and where you can purchase them. 

  1. Every woman with a period can use period undies. 

They protect you against leaks whether you have a light to moderately heavy flow. They can also be used in tandem with pads and tampons if you are someone who has a heavy flow and tends to have a lot of leaks. 

  1. They Are An Environmentally Friendly Choice

With tampons and pads, much of the wrapping material ends up in landfills that are hurting our planet. The average woman uses anywhere from 5,00 to 15,00 pads and tampons throughout her life. With period undies, you wash and reuse them thusly cutting down your carbon footprint. 

  1. Period Undies Offer Ease 

Tampons and pads can be uncomfortable and hard to use. With period underwear you simply slip them on as you would any other pair of underwear. Many women complain that pads are too bulky and tampons can be uncomfortable not inserted in the exact correct way. With period underwear they fit like regular underwear and are easy to get on and off. 

  1. They Offer Long-Lasting Protection 

Period underwear gives you protection for up to 24 hours depending on how heavy your flow is, much longer than any of their alternatives. They also feel more natural than pads as they function like regular underwear only with an added layer of moisture-wicking absorbency. This allows you to go about your day and not have to constantly be running to the bathroom to change out your tampon or pad. 

  1. They Save You Money 

Whereas with tampons you have to buy a least a box every other month, period undies can be used over and over again as long as you properly wash them. Perhaps you buy 4 or 5 pairs of period underwear and they last you for the 3 years, you’d be saving hundreds of dollars. 

  1. They Protect Against Surprises

Every woman knows the feeling when you get your period seemingly out of nowhere and you’re stuck without a tampon or pad. Period underwear can be worn wherever and whenever. So, if you know you’re time of the month is coming up but aren’t sure when exactly it will start, wearing period undies will let you feel secure and comfortable.  

  1. Period Undies Are Easy To Wash 

It’s important to know how to properly wash your period underwear so that you can get the most use out of them. After you take them off, wash them in cold water in your sink until the water runs clear. Then you can put them into the washing machine as you would with any of your other delicates. Be sure to always wash them in cool water, as hot water tends to lead to blood staining your clothes. It’s best to hang dry your period undies, just as it is with your other bras and panties. This helps them to maintain their efficacy and makes them last longer. 

  1. These Underwear Are Great For Workouts

When working out, sometimes your pad or tampon can shift and become uncomfortable and or lead to leaks and ruined clothing. Period underwear is great for exercises as they fit snuggly around your hips and give your legs their full range of motion. 

  1. They’re Safer For Your Health 

Tampons often contain lots of chemicals and can lead to TSS, or Toxic Shock Syndrome. With Tony and Ava’s period undies, you’re wearing something that is 95% cotton and keeps you safe from harsh additives while still keeping your fresh smelling and dry. 

  1. Period Underwear Is Easy To Buy 

Tony & Ava have designed a period undie that can be shipped straight to your front door. No longer will you have to search through endless isles trying to find the perfect fit. 

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