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1. Loose or exposed wiring

Image Source: Reddit  

Any loose wiring is a major no-no when it comes to a household with pets. Your poor furry friends don’t understand that these aren’t for chewing! Not only can it lead to the hassle of replacing the wires, but it can be dangerous for your pet if they accidentally swallow any or get a nasty electric shock.

2. Overflowing bin in the kitchen

Image Source: Reddit 

Household pets tend to be a little bit food obsessed! And they have an added advantage that humans don’t: they have big appetites, but also no shame, so anything they find in the trash is fair game in their eyes! If your kitchen waste bin is overflowing, or just doesn’t have a lid, they might end up snacking on things they really shouldn’t.

3. Unlocked cabinets

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Cabinets without ways to fasten them closed, or indeed open fronted cabinets with no doors at all, can be a problem in pet frequented kitchens. Any sign of an opening, and lots of household cats or dogs will be in there like a shot having yet more forbidden snacks!

4. Toxic plants can kill

Image Source: Reddit  

Perhaps it’s lucky that I, personally, have given up on houseplants due to my utter inability to keep them alive. Lots of our favourite pot plants are actually super poisonous to dogs, cats, and other cute critters. Make sure any foliage you’re keeping in the house is safe for them to be around!

5. Open toilet lids can lead to tragedy

Image Source: Bright Side  

Although this photo looks like a depiction of an especially vicious hangover the morning after the work Christmas party, it’s actually a furry friend trying to get a tasty drink of toilet water. Make sure to keep the lid closed, otherwise it can-tragically- be a drowning hazard for smaller pets.

6. No pet gates

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Look at this little bandit, sent to pet jail! Pet gates are totally invaluable in making your house completely pet-proofed, they’re the easiest way to section off any parts of the house that might be hazardous. If you’re going to have your front door open during hot weather, for instance, you can keep indoor pets safely enclosed with a pet gate.

7. Exposed outlets can have shocking consequences

Image Source: Reddit  

Here’s another electrical hazard- exposed outlets. If you’ve ever had a shock from the mains, you’ll know how awful it is- now imagine you’re only the size of a little pup, rather than a grown human, and you’ll realise how important it is to keep these safely covered.

8. Unstable furniture

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A big sturdy sofa can be a god send in a pet owners home, unlikely to tip or flip no matter how much their furry friend jumps on them. Whilst they might look elegant, spindly designer chairs and pieces are more likely to buckle under the pressure and get ruined!

9. Unsecured windows

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This one is just plain common sense. If your pet is an indoor pet, not used to going out and about in the big wide world, leaving a window open can spell disaster! Once an indoor pet finds themselves outside, it’s all too easy for them to get lost. Avoid the heartbreak, and keep those windows closed or covered over with safety screens.

10. Choking hazards on the floor

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Anyone with kids will understand this one all too well. It’s easy to let mess pile up, but if there are small objects on the floor they can pose a major choking hazard- especially given how fond lots of animals are of investigating new things via their mouths!

11. Accessible trash chutes

Image Source: Idighardware 

A trash chute is one of the last places you want a pet exploring- a short way down, and a near impossible way back up. Leaving one of these exposed could mean a call to the fire department for a rescue mission, which is really the last thing anyone needs!

12. Cleaning products within reach

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The world is made up of two sorts of people: those who think of cleaning as a mood-boosting treat, and those who’d rather be doing almost literally anything else. Whichever camp you fall into, for a pet proofed home you need to be sure all cleaning products are safely stowed where they can’t get to them- they’re hugely toxic if ingested.

13. Open garbage disposal

Image Source: Reddit  

Ok, we take it back- perhaps this is the place you’d least like your pet to try to go exploring. It doesn’t even bare thinking about. Keeping it safe could involve keeping it covered, keeping the switch secure, and training your pets to stay away just to be on the safe side.

14. Unlocked pet doors

Image Source: Reddit 

Pet doors are so convenient, allowing pets to come and go from your home when they need to. It can give them a lot of freedom, and avoid any bathroom accidents! But it’s best if they have a locking system, so you can choose to keep your pet indoors (either at night, during bad weather etc.)

15. Low hanging blinds or curtains

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Loose curtains with dangling cords or fabric can be a potential death trap: if a pet gets tangled up, it can lead to injury or even strangulation. Keep cords or ties out of their reach, or consider cordless blinds or curtains. Blinds can be heavy, too, so always make sure they’re properly installed and aren’t a hazard due to risk of falling down.

16. Human food left out

Image Source: Boing Boing  

“Hooman, why can’t I share your dinner?!” If dogs and cats could talk, we reckon this would be one of their most frequently asked questions. They don’t understand that lots of our favourite foods can really upset their tummies! Not having proper storage for leftovers can make them too easily pinched by little paws!

17. Exposed trash bins outside

Image Source: Reddit  

Keeping your external trash cans securely covered is just as important as locking down that kitchen bin too. Not only could outdoor pets get into insecure cans for an ill advised garbage snack, it could attract other wildlife that they could get into scraps with.

18. Uncovered vents

Image Source: Reddit  

Covered vents feel like a feature of a person-proof home too! Uncovered they’re a trip hazard on the floor, and in the ceiling they just look super creepy. Keep ’em covered up to avoid losing a little furry friend inside one of them and having to crawl in which, physically and emotionally, will be unpleasant.

19. Hiding places for pets

Image Source: Reddit  

Ok this gorgeous golden retriever hasn’t done a very proficient job of hiding himself, but 10/10 for effort for this good boy. Still, if your house has too many pet-shaped hide-y holes, it can be all too easy for them to get lost! Make sure you’re going to be able to find them when you need to.

20. Open dishwasher

Image Source: Reddit  

To a human a dishwasher is the height of convenience: no more dishes piling up in the sink, no more scrubbing away at plates after a relaxing dinner. But to your pets, they represent yet another opportunity to sneak some human food by licking up some leftovers. You gotta hand it to them, they’re sneaky!!

21. Accessible medications

Image Source: Reddit  

Modern medicine is a miracle isn’t it? Most of us have something or other that requires a few pills to treat at some point in our lives. But because they’re designed for human bodies, it’s vital you make sure they’re not kept anywhere that a curious pet might snack on them.

22. Any crawl spaces with routes in

Image Source: Reddit  

Getting your family pet stuck in the walls is a giant pain. Obviously they’re a lot smaller than we are, so trying to follow them in is often a bust- but trying to coax them out will require the persuasive skills of a trained hostage negotiator, plus liberal use of bribes (treats).

23. Too many soft furnishings

Image Source: Newsweek  

Is there anything more irritating than buying a gorgeous new throw pillow, only to have it utterly destroyed by the dog. Especially if, like in this photo, they have the nerve to sit there with that cheeky grin on their face! Try to get durable soft furnishings as occasionally spilled stuffing could cause a choking hazard.

24. Dirty dishes left out

Image Source: Reddit  

If you’re living without a dishwasher, it’s only human nature to let those dishes pile up in the sink sometimes. Unfortunately, it’s only pet nature to go sniffing around the stack to see if there’s any food left to snaffle. They might end up snacking on something that’s not good for them.

25. Traces of antifreeze on the driveway

Image Source: Reddit   

A lot of people don’t realise the importance of thoroughly rinsing any trace of anti-freeze from their driveways. The ethylene glycol has a sweet taste, meaning that cats will sometimes voluntarily lick it up- but even a small amount can be toxic dose.

26. Car hood unchecked

Image Source: Reddit   

Anyone who has cats can tell you that they love getting comfy and cosy (it’s one of the reasons house cats are our spirit animal). What you might not know is that by climbing onto car wheels, and then shimmying up into the space above them, they can work their way under the hood of a car- attracted to the warmth of a recently used engine.

27. Sharp tools left lying around

Image Source: Reddit   

Are you a DIY queen? There’s something so empowering about taking control of the space you live in- knocking in a nail here, tightening a screw there, realising you’ve knocked the nail into the wrong place and having to cover it up. Good times! But once you’ve finished, make sure any sharp tools are safely stowed away.

28. Sewing kits/machines left unattended

Image Source: Reddit   

I’m so envious of people who can make their own clothes. Getting a compliment on a top and being able to say ‘thank you, I made it’ must be the best feeling in the world! However, cats and needles don’t mix (or, at least, they shouldn’t), and thread poses a choking hazard.

29. Beauty products left unattended

Image Source: Reddit   

Hands up, who’s bathroom looks a bit like this? It feels like every two minutes there’s a new hot beauty product that no one can live without- usually one of those toners that makes you feel like you’ve got your hair pulled back too tight. Once you’ve done with whatever new cream or lotion is in your beauty routine, make sure their sealed up and put away before your pets can do any ill advised snacking.

30. There’s an unfenced pool

Image Source: Reddit  

So as this image demonstrates, animals falling in pools can be hilarious- look at his face! But if you’re not around to fish them back out, it can lead to tragedy. Whilst lots of household pets can swim, there have been cases where- stuck in the pool for hours- they’ve succumbed to exhaustion. So keep that pool fenced off!!

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