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It is a phase in every parent’s life that brings a bit of trepidation along with excitement…potty training. Some children will prove to be easy and some…well…not so much. We know that this period in your little one’s life is a major milestone and one that takes them across the threshold from baby to big kid. 

At Tony and Ava, we are here to help make this transition as easy as possible for you and your child. Along with great toilet training products like our training underwear, which is more effective than reusable diapers. In this spirit, we’d like to bring you our top potty training tips for your toddler to get you on your way to saying farewell to diapers forever.

Before we get started, it is important to know when your toddler is ready to begin the potty training process. Little ones can tend to have a weak bladder, so you will want to wait until they can stay dry with a regular or reusable diaper for at least 2 hours during daytime hours. In addition, they should be able to get to and from the bathroom on their own. Most toddlers exhibit this readiness and a reduction in a weak bladder between 18-24 months. Now onto our tips…

  1. Have Fun

The best way to build self-confidence in child behaviors in regards to potty training is to have a good time doing it. Let your child bring their favorite dolls or stuffed animals to take their turn on the potty. Read stories while they try, and go crazy when they succeed. When your kiddo can enjoy the process, it will go much more smoothly for everyone.

  1. Tell Them All About It

When you are ready to get started, you may want to let your little one see you use the big potty, and explain what you’re doing, even if you are just pretending. If you aren’t comfortable with that, there are many excellent children’s books on potty training that can introduce them to this in a language they understand. 

  1. Undress for Success

When appropriate, it can be helpful to let your child be naked so that it is simpler for them to see and feel when they are going. Keep a training potty nearby, so it is easy to get them there when you are going through this process. Another good idea is to put them in reusable Tony and Ava training underwear so they can feel when they are wet, but your carpet and furniture stay dry.

  1. Help Them Succeed

Help your toddler recognize the feelings they have before, during, and after they have gone to the potty. For instance, make them aware of physical signs like squatting, wiggling, or grunting that occur before they go. Comment when they have just gone and are wet or soiled. Helping your little one make these connections, will help to build self-confidence in child toileting behaviors.

We hope these potty training tips help make meeting this milestone just a little easier.

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