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Early last week, I wrote about changes that are coming to Wit & Delight. The time has come for me to step away from publishing content full-time—but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving this space completely!

Today I’m sharing a breakdown of what you can expect from me and Wit & Delight next. 

4 Ways You Can Connect With Me and Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight Website

I will continue to publish content on—just at a slower, more manageable pace. I will be publishing content on the site once a week or so (sometimes more, sometimes less). We have a handful of partners whose content will be going live throughout the summer and I’m so excited to share these posts with you. I will be sharing updates on projects happening at our home, primarily in the front yard and basement. I will also continue to show up on social media. Stay tuned for more!

Wit & Delight Products

Wit & Delight products are not going anywhere! In fact, I am already in the midst of designing our line of planners for 2024 – 2025. You can shop a few of my current favorite planners, journals, and notepads in this post.

We also have a home decor collaboration launching in August, and that is SUPER exciting! 

House Call

House Call is a passion project I started at the beginning of 2023. I will continue to publish the House Call newsletter at the regular cadence.

Paid subscribers will continue to receive a personal essay in their inbox every other Friday. In these essays, I share my musings on the power of design and how it can impact our lives for the better.

In between paid newsletters, all subscribers (paid and free) will continue to receive a newsletter every other Friday. These include things like my favorite recent product finds, shows I’ve been loving, and inspiring interior design projects I’ve come across.

Interior Design Consulting

I will continue to offer one-on-one consulting calls for the foreseeable future. Here are links where you can learn more:

What I’ve enjoyed most about building Wit & Delight is working with my incredible team. Everything we’ve created together is so much better and more unique than what I could have done on my own. While I’m going to miss working with the team every single day, I’m excited to step into the freedom that comes with exploring the unknown.

I’m also eternally grateful for the community’s response to our content on Wit & Delight. This space on the internet has always felt cozy and welcoming to me, especially in comparison to social media platforms. THANK YOU for being here for all these years and for sticking with me as I venture into this next phase.

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