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Isn’t being physically active just amazing? Exercising can provide loads of benefits, such as strengthening your muscles and bones, improving blood circulation, and boosting energy. It can also reduce your risk for diseases by enhancing heart health, keeping a healthy weight, and maintaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The surge in happy hormones can also help bust anxiety and stress. Then, of course, regular antioxidant-producing workouts don’t just make you feel great but also look fantastic. 

You don’t need an “official workout” to work your muscles. Whether you’re more of a gym rat or an outdoors enthusiast, you can keep your body constantly moving. All it takes is being kind to yourself—because you can always choose an optimum quality of life with your favorite physical activities. So get motivated and ready to be on the go with this list of some of the best women’s activewear sets.

Top activewear sets for women

Woman exercising in black sports bra and black leggings

Set #1:  Light Support Sports Bra + Leggings

Light-support sports bras may be what you need for low-impact activities that don’t require much bouncing, such as yoga, pilates, and strength training. The stretchy fabric and narrow shoulder straps are generally designed primarily for comfort. With these sports bras, you can go about your light workouts and even everyday activities with ease.

Pair your comfy sports bras with leggings, specifically, period leggings that keep you confident and stress-free, regardless of the time of the month. For instance, Ruby Love Period Leggings are made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex, which makes them super absorbent for that effortless on-the-go lifestyle.

Woman standing on a tennis court with a tennis racket in her left hand

Set #2: High-intensity Sports Bra + Tennis Bottoms

Higher-impact activities like tennis require more hardworking garments. So, if you’re aiming for that ace on the court, get more support for your girls with a high-intensity sports bra. This type of sports bra tends to be more densely padded, has an underwire bra, and usually comes with wider shoulder straps. 

More energy doesn’t have to be less stylish! Up your chic factor with cute tennis bottoms, like Ruby Love Tennis Skorts. Whether you prefer them in crisp and clean Classic White or strong Black Onyx, these tennis skorts come in durable yet breathable fabric that provides complete coverage for every activity and every type of body.
Women in a One-Piece Swimwear

Set #3: One-piece Swimwear

How about a no-fuss getup that can get you looking great and feeling confident in one fell swoop? With one-piece swimsuits, such as Ruby Love Period Swimwear, you can swim, skate, paddleboard, or just chill on a sandy beach absolutely worry-free. Go fabulously feminine with Ruby Love’s One-Shoulder Period Swimwear in Classic Ruby, with a built-in absorbent liner that can be worn with or without additional protection. No tampon required!

Woman in Ruby Love One-Piece Period Swimwear Skinsuit in Black Sea

Set #4: Swimwear Skinsuit

For some serious yet carefree swimming fun, consider swimwear skinsuits that are great any time of the month. A skinsuit is a one-piece clothing that fits the body snugly. It’s designed to be either aerodynamic or aquadynamic so you can perform at your best in your favorite sport. The Ruby Love Period Swimwear Skinsuit is created with cutting-edge Dri-Tech Mesh technology that helps stop front, back, and side leaks during shark week. With its flattering high-neck design and comfy fashion zip, you’ll look swell in and out of the pool or beach—without swelling up in the water!
Woman exercising in activewear outdoors

Set #5: Tank Top + Sports Bra + Running Shorts

Some women may prefer a bit more coverage than what a sports bra can provide. Or they may want to make their outfits look a bit spunkier. If you’re one of them, you can throw on a tank top over your usual sports bra + bottoms getup. Flexible tank tops are great to use anywhere, whether pumping iron at the local gym or running errands. Choosing tops made of breathable fabrics such as cotton can help you keep cool the whole day. Make sure to pick your favorite colors for that quick mood booster. 

How about pairing your cute tank top with multi-purpose bottoms? Whatever your sport or activity is, running shorts, like Ruby Love Period Running Shorts, can help you walk, run, jump, or fly because they move with your body. Their impressive and patented “floating gusset” creates that unique contour for the perfect fit, so you can make your dynamic moves while enjoying 100% leakproof protection.

Woman dancing in a nude bodysuit

Set #6. Bodysuit 

Bodysuits should be in the top six of your list of the best women’s activewear sets. A bodysuit is a fantastic, all-around piece that can take you from day to night. Wear it as a cami under your blouse or use it as a leotard to dance class. Ruby Love Period Bodysuits offer maximum protection from leaks while also working perfectly with Ruby Love Period Panties. So whether you choose to be on the fly in the bodysuit alone or prefer added security with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup, Ruby Love Period Bodysuits has got your back! 

Gearing Up with Ruby Love 

Living an active lifestyle is easy and fun with Ruby Love Period Apparel! Our stylish period underwear, activewear, and athleticwear feature smart and intuitive technology, enabling maximum protection against leaks and stains. Its built-in absorbent and organic cotton liner is perfectly angled to collect your flow. In addition, the unique design eliminates embarrassing bulk and bumps that can be visible through clothes with other period wear brands. With Ruby Love, all you get is peace of mind and complete discretion to make your period days as active as any other day! So, go ahead, keep moving, and have that special time of the month!

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