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April is a time of year when the pressure to spring clean our homes can be felt far and wide. While I too can get swept up in it all, this year, I want to focus more on updating the systems of my home rather than deep cleaning to perfection.

Our April theme on Wit & Delight is about just that: fine-tuning the systems in our homes to make our spaces more functional for our everyday lives. 

It’s about figuring out which systems will be most beneficial to us as individuals rather than trying to tackle everything all at once. This topic relates to everything from home organization systems to mechanical systems to structural updates we make to improve our experience in our spaces.

While I write a lot about home design as it relates to aesthetics, the focus of this month’s theme stretches far beyond curating a “perfect” design aesthetic. Interior design is important, to be sure, but it isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to the way we interact with our home environments. 

Creating systems at home is for everyone, yet there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. You have to choose the systems that fit into and enhance the way you already live your life. 

As a person with ADHD, having home organization systems in place is crucial. These systems help me work with the way my energy naturally flows. They help me keep things (mostly) organized and, more importantly, help me live daily life with more ease. My pantry organization system improves my daily cooking routine, my bathroom organization system helps me get ready in the morning, and my bin system helps me collect miscellaneous items around our home for future sorting. 

As with so many things in my life right now, upholding the home organization systems that matter to me most is more about consistent maintenance than anything else.

It’s about the little acts that make a gradual difference, like using five spare minutes as an opportunity to organize a drawer or put away the laundry. Over time, I’ve learned to surrender to a passing grade level of organization rather than strive for perfection all the time. 

Ensuring that the engine of my home life is running smoothly is the majority of what leads me to feel really good in my home. Any design updates I make beyond this are the cherry on top.

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