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How to Clean and Maintain Your Tote Bag

So, you’ve done it! You’ve treated yourself to a tote bag! It’s gorgeous, and you love it, but you’re unsure how to clean a canvas tote bag. Why should you know how to clean and care for your tote bag? Given its versatility, most of us use some form of tote bag every day. So, over time, it can take a significant beating.

Before tossing the canvas bag into the washing machine, there are a few things you should do. If your bag has any attachments (such as pins or buttons), they must be removed before cleaning. If your tote bag is made of colored fabric or has patterns, paintings, or designs on it, you need to ensure these colors won’t bleed into other materials.

How can you do that?

Dip a part of the bag into water. Then, squeeze out the water with a paper towel. If there’s color on the water or paper towel, it’s better to spot clean rather than washing the entire bag. This will minimize any fading.

If your canvas bag doesn’t fade or is white, you can hand wash or machine wash it. Make sure to empty all pockets first and follow the care instructions provided on the label.

What if your bag has stains? Some stains are challenging to remove with a gentle wash alone. Hence, you may need to use a stain remover. Testing on a hidden part of the bag is crucial so that you can ensure it won’t cause any damage.

If you opt for hand washing the canvas bag, you can mix a mild detergent with water. You can even use a soft-bristle brush to help remove stains.

Waxing your tote bag is a great way to protect it, but a different approach is needed when cleaning. It’s essential not to put it in the washing machine, send it to a dry cleaner, or use detergents. This can cause damage to the wax coating.