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Photo by Madelynn (Furlong) Hudson

Five years into publishing Wit & Delight, I added our first contributing writer to the site. As the Wit & Delight platform and community grew, I also wanted to grow the number of voices who contributed to it. I knew other people experienced the world and processed emotions differently than I did, and it was important to me to provide a platform for other writers to share their stories. 

As I transition into a new season, one in which I won’t be publishing content full-time on Wit & Delight, I’m reflecting on all of the insightful, personal articles that have been published over the past fourteen years. Today I’m sharing the first of two posts highlighting some of the most-read contributor articles on Wit & Delight. This is only a selection of the hundreds of amazing articles that have been written by contributors over the years.

Today’s post features articles in two categories—home design and relationships—that resonated most with readers. I hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as I have.

Contributor Articles on Home Design

by Madelynn (Furlong) Hudson

by Kara Nesvig

Photo by Shayla Owodunni

by Maggie LaMaack

by Shayla Owodunni

by Jackie Saffert

Photo by Bethany Terry at Joy Studios

by Jill Elliott

by Zoe Duellman

Contributor Articles on Relationships

by Erin Huebscher

by Carol Bruess

by Brittany Chaffee

by Vanessa McDuffie

by Julie Rybarczyk

Photo by Colleen Phan-Eversman at 2ndTruth

by Monique Seitz-Davis

by Katie Weed

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