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Best of Wit & Delight: Lifestyle and Wellness
Photo by Suruchi Avasthi

Earlier this week, we shared our first “Best of Wit & Delight” post highlighting some of our most-read contributor articles in two categories—home design and relationships.

Today I’m highlighting fifteen more contributor articles in two additional categories—lifestyle and wellness—that resonated most with readers over the years. 

When I first started writing lifestyle and wellness articles on Wit & Delight fourteen years ago, the internet wasn’t really talking about things like self-care. We’ve seen a big shift since then, but I still think these kinds of topics sometimes get a bad rap for being “fluffy” or frivolous. I couldn’t disagree more.

When we approach each day and care for ourselves with intention, we can add so much value to our lives. I love that we’ve been able to share articles on these topics on Wit & Delight—ones that weave together the lighthearted, beautiful, mundane, and hard parts of life. I hope you enjoy revisiting them.

Contributor Articles on Lifestyle

by Megan McCarty

by Ellen Koneck

by Brittany Chaffee

Art by Wit & Delight

by Kolina Cicero

by Julie Yu

by Sonja Overhiser

by Kate Smith

Contributor Articles on Wellness

by Kate O’Reilly

by Ryan Alexis

by April (Swinson) Smasal

by Sophie Vilensky

Image Courtesy of Hanna Voxland

by Anna Jeter

by Megan McCarty

by Sarah Hrudka Behlke

by Liz Welle

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