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When it comes to throwing a party, nobody seems to do it better than the rich. Many wealthy individuals have a knack for throwing the most impressive soirées, almost overshadowing their personal or business success. 

But what are the key ingredients of one of these parties? Why do they so often go down in history as being legendary? 

That’s actually quite a closely guarded secret. The wealthy and famous put high walls around their shindigs to maintain a sense of exclusivity. Things can get competitive at the top. 

Fortunately, we have some insight into what happens behind closed doors. And that’s what we’re going to share with you in this post. Here’s how the rich like to celebrate and what they do to make their homes and get-togethers stand out versus the competition. 

Celebrity Entertainment

Top of the list of priorities is celebrity entertainment. Well-do-to people like calling up their chums and paying them a handsome sum to perform at their parties. 

What’s more, guests don’t always know who to expect before they arrive. Seeing Sting or Elton John on the stage is often a complete surprise and makes the event even more memorable. 

Of course, the better-known the celebrity, the more high-brow the event. Wealthy party throwers often compete with each other to craft the most exclusive performances and guest lists and take liberties with the types of performances they permit. 

For instance, besides singing, many wealthy people like to invite mentalists and illusionists to their private get-togethers. These professionals, like Derren Brown, can wow audiences and show partygoers things they’ve never seen before. 

Haute Cuisine

Billion-Dollar Bashes: How The Rich Like To Celebrate

At the same time, the rich like to celebrate with the best possible cuisine. Many will fly in chefs from all over the world (along with their ingredients) and get them to prepare food at their homes or party locations. 

The aim of party food should be to be delicious, morish, and well-presented. That’s hard to achieve when you are on a budget, but not so for those who have the means to throw all-out parties. The better the food, the more satisfied guests feel. 

Haute cuisine aims to create unusual dishes that give diners something totally new. Instead of giving them flavors they’ve experienced before, the wealthy like to give their guests something that makes them stand out. And that often requires hiring the top chefs. 

Furthermore, the rich also like to source expensive ingredients that aren’t usually available to make their parties more delightful for guests. Expect to see all the usual suspects, like caviar, plus less common but no less delicious ingredients, like saffron and wild grains. 

Memory Creation

The wealthy want their parties to be fun while they are going on, but they also want them to be memorable. They want guests to leave and never forget the time that they had at their shindig. 

Special Events Photo Booths is a company that’s involved in the industry of creating memories. It supplies booths to party organizers to help their guests generate mementos they can take with them once everything is over. 

“Creating memories is one of the most powerful things that party organizers can do to make their event last in the minds of their guests,” the company says. “It’s all too easy for memories to fade over time in a haze of alcoholic beverages, but photographs make them stick.”

Another option is to hire a photographer and get them to email guests photos after the event. Professional photos can form parts of their social media feeds and private photo albums. 

Exclusive Locations

Another common trait of billion-dollar bashes is their exclusive locations. Many rich people want to impress their guests with the setting alone. 

Finding exclusive locations is, of course, challenging. But that’s what makes them so special. You can never recreate them.

Luxury yachts are an obvious location for an exclusive party. These benefit from being movable, meaning wealthy people can change their party’s location depending on their tastes. 

Mountain retreats are another excellent option. These let guests stare out and marvel at the stunning views laid out in front of them. 

Beaches are another excellent idea. These offer natural beauty while also providing guests with opportunities to dip their feet in the sea. 

Finally, you have exclusive city locations. These might include luxury hotels and venues in big cities. Many of these have extensive ballrooms where you can host functions for hundreds of people. 

When considering exclusive locations, think carefully about what will make your party unique. You want it to be beautiful, but it should also offer something new. 

“We see customers ordering photo booths to some pretty unusual locations,” Special Events Photo Booths says. “It’s not just the usual places but also environments that speak to the organizer’s personality and priorities.”


To increase social status even more, many wealthy people overlay their parties with an element of philanthropy. People aren’t just there to have a good time, but also to improve the world in some way. 

Among wealthy people, this approach to partying is extremely popular. People with cash to burn will often make grand gestures to support good causes they believe in, helping to forge closer ties between wealthy individuals. 

Philanthropy at parties could take the form of hosting a charity booth that has exclusive access to wealthy and successful people. Oxfam, for instance, could set up a stall and take donations. 

Another option is to host an auction and send the proceeds to charity. Here, you find donated items and then ask your guests to bid up the price to generate as much cash for the good cause as possible. 

You can also organize people at the party to do something there and then for the social good. That might include something like donating time to special guests. 

Ultimately, the rich like to do celebrations and parties differently from the average person. It’s more about enjoying the finer things in life and less about simply providing some space to forget about the pressures and strains of life. 

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