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Your period often brings many unwanted symptoms, such as fatigue, bloat, and moodiness. Clear your schedule, cancel all plans, and park it on the couch for Postmates and Netflix. There’s nothing you probably want to do less on your period than exercise. But, your period shouldn’t stop you from your regular routine. Though you may not want to work out, you may wonder if working out while on your period is okay. Unfortunately, while your period may make exercise be thrown on the back burner, no scientific evidence supports forgoing working out while on your period. Let’s discuss the benefits and risks of working out while on your period

Can you workout while on your period?

Yes! There are many benefits to working out while on your period. Overall, activity is not only good for your physical health but good for your mental health as well. 

Benefits of exercising while on your period

Lower PMS symptoms

Cardio and aerobic exercise has been known to decrease symptoms associated with PMS, such as fatigue and moodiness.

Increased mood

Exercising releases endorphins. Depending on the mood swings you experience during your period or the days before or after, it is vital to get up and get moving. For example, those who suffer from extreme PMS may find that exercise helps them to feel less anxious or depressed during their period. 

Increases blood circulation 

It may be hard to hit the gym, especially when you are fatigued on those first few days of your period. However, even the days you feel most tired and low on energy are the days you should go to the gym. Even if you choose light workouts such as walking or yoga, you still get your blood flowing. Blood circulation is beneficial as it boosts energy levels and promotes blood circulation to your muscles. 

It may help to regulate your period

There are many ways to help combat irregular periods, but did you know that exercise is one of the most beneficial ways to regulate your period? Stress and anxiety may negatively impact your period schedule. Yoga releases endorphins, promotes blood circulation and reduces stress. 

More strength

During the first few days of your period, your hormone levels decrease. When estrogen and progesterone levels are high, your body relies on those hormones to break down fat. The decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels allows for other hormones, such as carbohydrates and glycogen, to be easier to activate, giving you more strength and endurance. 

What are the best types of exercises while on your period?


Walking while not on your period is incredibly beneficial. Many studies have found that walking for only 30 minutes daily may reduce cardiovascular disorders. In addition, if you suffer from decreased energy during the first few days of your period, you may consider walking as it improves PMS symptoms and increases energy levels.  


Running has been known to help relieve period pain due to increased blood circulation. However, some women have found running unhelpful if they suffer from low energy, weakness, and fatigue. 


While many women skip swimming during their period, they are missing out on some fantastic benefits. Swimming is a very gentle exercise that is refreshing and relaxing. In addition, swimming has been shown to decrease symptoms of PMS, such as depression, fatigue, headaches, and cramping. 


Yoga is excellent for your emotional and physical health, especially during your period. Yoga may help relieve period symptoms and help you have a healthy mindset. During yoga, you often bring yourself to a meditation which may help aid in brain fog and leave you feeling calm.                   


Pilates’s major focus on breathing is one of the most beneficial things for your period. Deep breathing allows your stomach to relax and relieve tension in your abdomen, where bloating often occurs. In addition, focusing on your breathing may improve mood and decrease anxiety. In addition, pilates improves blood flow throughout your body and promotes the relaxation of all your muscles.

Which exercises should I avoid on my period?

Intense workouts

It is not uncommon during your period to experience weakness and fatigue. Therefore, if you feel weak and lack energy, save the heavy lifting after your period when you have more strength. 

Inverted workouts or poses

Many yoga poses, gymnastics, or acrobatics include inversions. Inversions are poses that involve standing on your head, such as headstands or shoulder stands. Although inversions promote blood flow and circulation, inversions may lead to vascular congestion in your uterus, which may increase bleeding. 

If it doesn’t feel right, do not do it

You know your body best. If you are doing a workout and begin to feel weak, it may be time to take time off until you feel better. Some workouts may benefit you, while your body may respond poorly to others. If you can only do a light walk, that is okay too. 

How Proof can help

One of the most worrisome thoughts while exercising during your period is comfort. Let’s be honest; the constant shifting of a pad or the feeling of a tampon while running is uncomfortable. So proof. created a custom line of leak proof underwear explicitly designed for every kind of leaks, from bladder leaks to the heaviest of your period flow. As a result, leak proof underwear is perfect to wear while exercising. It eliminates the need for tampons or pads and leaves you with an ultra-light leakproof technology that is thin and powerful. Proof is so confident you will love their leak proof underwear that they offer a 60-day leak-free guarantee. 

Working out may be the last thing on your mind during your period. However, it is important that you get up and get moving. Don’t have the energy? Opt for lighter workouts such as taking a walk with a friend. Even walking 30 minutes a day may help you feel more energetic and lessen your period cramps. Always listen to your body during your period and give yourself the TLC you deserve. That is okay if you cannot get to work out that day. Some days are meant for lounging with your favorite blanket and watching a good Netflix show. 

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