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From jewelry to books, these first period gifts will let your child know just how special they really are.

When your daughter or child gets their first period, it’s a time of celebration. Even though it might seem like a minor change, a period marks the beginning of the important transition towards adulthood. A great way to support your child is to get them a first period gift, a fun and positive little treat that will make them feel extra special and will equip them with the knowledge they need for the journey still to come. Below we’ve outlined some first period gift ideas, both practical and meaningful, that will help your child go the distance on this journey and ascend to new heights. Make sure to let them know how proud you are.

While it’s nice to give a gift when someone gets their first period, it’s not really necessary. In fact, giving gifts for this milestone can be a little weird—periods are quite personal and not necessarily an occasion that everyone needs to celebrate together. Let your daughter or child take the lead when it comes to buying her a first period gift. Does it seem like something they want to celebrate, or would they prefer to keep it private? Remember your job as a parent is to prepare your teen for the changes to come and make them feel supported with as little pressure as possible. So if you do decide to get your daughter something special, keep it small and practical (like a cute pair of leakproof underwear).

first period kit

First Period Kit

If you’re not familiar with a first period kit yet, now is the time to get acquainted. (We even have a helpful blog post on what they are and how to create one.) Filling a small pouch filled with all the necessities they will need is a great way to celebrate a young person’s first period. Each one is different, but we suggest including the period products of their choice (pads or tampons, a menstrual cup or period underwear), some pain reliever and wet wipes. (Don’t forget to teach them how to use a tampon.) Perhaps add an extra little treat so they feel loved. Finding a beautiful pouch that suits their style will make this first period kit a practical gift an extra-special one.

Welcome to your period book

Welcome to Your Period Book

When your daughter or child’s first period arrives, they will have a lot of questions. And while you should make the effort to have a frank conversation, the reality is that you may not have all the answers. Written by Yumi Stynes and Dr. Melissa Kang, Welcome to Your Period is chock-full of answers to mortifying and messy questions backed with expert medical advice. This taboo-free guide will make sure they have access to everything they need to go forward and conquer the future. (Alternatively, you can download Kt’s free period guide and read that together.)

first period journal


Considering the changes happening in your child’s life, you might want to encourage them to record how they feel in a journal  to track their menstrual cycle and write down how they feel throughout the changes of puberty. This can be a fun activity for both of you to do together and will be a great way for her to look back on this milestone later in life. 

the moon

Anything Moon-Themed

A first period is often nicknamed a “first moon” (this is because both the average menstrual cycle is about the same length as the lunar cycle), so anything moon-themed would be a suitable gift. It could be this keychain that says ‘I love you to the moon and back,’ a moon-print pencil case, a hair barrette shaped like the lunar cycle, or perhaps even a piece of jewelry with a moonstone in it. Now is the time to get creative.

period underwear

Period Underwear

While it may not be the most original first period gift, it certainly is one of the most practical. Period underwear for teens will save your child from experiencing and embarrassing period leaks during that transition time when they’re still adjusting to getting a period. Kt by Knix leakproof underwear is so thin that it’s comfortable enough to wear as regular underwear too, so they can slip on when they think their period is coming and never be caught unprepared. Kt by Knix offers a variety of styles from bikini to boyshorts and even swimsuits so they can even swim on their period. These undies will help your daughter or child bleed confidence no matter what their age or what comes their way.

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