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Christmas Gifts For Teens

Christmas is the time of giving but what are the best gifts for teens? Read on to find the ultimate gifts for teens.

1. Books

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to snuggle up with a book. There are tons of books that teens will love, whether they are a bookworm or not. Here are some recommendations of brilliant books – The Girls Guide To Growing Up Great, Dare To Be You, The Black Flamingo, Period Power, Heartstopper, PET, and The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods. For more book ideas check this out

2. First Period Starter Kit

First Period Starter Kit

If the teen you’re buying a gift for has periods, this First Period Starter Kit is a great choice. The kit comes stocked with a pair of period pants (learn more about period pants here!), a handmade bag to carry period products in and a book. Getting this for a teen is a great way to stop period shame in its tracks and make them feel equipped for their period. Also, the world’s first multisize period pants are a brilliant present for teens with periods. Each pair of WUKA Stretch and WUKA Flex period pants, fits across 4 sizes. This means that they will continue to fit the teen comfortably even as they grow! Another great gift for teens with periods is a period care package. Learn how to create your own care package here.

3. A Wearable Hot Water Bottle

WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle

Who doesn’t enjoy snuggling up with a hot water bottle – especially on cold winter nights! One of the drawbacks of water bottles is that it’s difficult to walk around with them. However, with a wearable hot water bottle that problem is erased! Teens will love a WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle which has a MegaCozy fleece cover and a pocket ideal for their hands, phone or telly remote (perfect for a christmas movie marathon!). 

4. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are fantastic at making washing, a hell of a lot more fun and luxurious. The hit Netflix show, Stranger Things is hugely popular among teens and thanks to LUSH you can get Stranger Things themed Bath Bombs. LUSH’s bestseller bath bomb, Intergalactic, transforms bath water into a magical galaxy that teens are sure to love. 

5. A Voucher

Gift cards are simple but effective as it gives teens the freedom to choose their gift. Its ideal to specialise the gift card to their interests and needs. For instance, if they have periods and are passionate about the environment, a WUKA gift card is a great option. Or If they are a gamer, get them a Gamer’s Favourites gift card. 

Now that you have plenty of ideas for the best gifts to give teens, go and have fun Christmas shopping!

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