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Does Period Swimwear Actually Work? I Tried It Out.

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“Sorry, but I’m on my PERIOD” is probably the top excuse teenage girls use to skip swim class at school. Whether it’s a truth or a convenient out for other things, the notion that periods and swimming don’t mix starts early and sticks hard.

Swimming can be a great way to relax and feel better when you’re cramping, bloated, or feeling ‘period-bleurgh’. A shame because it can work wonders for both your body and mind. Diving into the pool offers a soothing, weightless escape that significantly helps dial down the period pain. And let’s not forget, engaging in exercise while menstruating is not just possible; it’s beneficial.

The only real worry? That nagging fear your tampon or menstrual cup might betray you mid-lap, leaving a rather unwelcome streak in your wake.

Introducing Beautikini’s period swimwear. Given the rising popularity of period pants, diving into swimwear was a natural next step.

I received positive feedback on our period products. As the team’s water lover, I was thrilled to begin working on our new swim collection.

Beautikini is a leading brand in the U.S. for period-friendly swimwear designs. We have a stylish black one-piece swimsuit for $42.99.

We also have black bikini bottoms for $18.99. You can easily pair these with your favorite bikini top. These pieces are available in US sizes XS to XXL, ensuring a fit for every body type.

How does Period Swimwear work?

Let’s dive into The Swim One Piece, crafted with Beautikini’s exclusive Four Layer Leak-Proof Technology. This isn’t just any swimsuit; it features a sophisticated four-layer protection system:

  1. Cotton Crotch – Soft against the skin, providing everyday comfort.
  2. Absorbent Layer – Captures up to 15ml (about three tampons worth) of menstrual blood, keeping you secure and dry.
  3. Waterproof Layer – Our barrier against leaks, ensuring no water gets in and nothing gets out.
  4. Main Fabric – Durable, stretchable and stylish, it holds everything together beautifully.

Designers created this swimsuit to be period and pee-friendly, making it a reliable choice for the beach or pool. Both smart and stylish, ensuring you can enjoy your time without worrying about leaks. Remember those childhood myths about pool dye revealing bathroom mishaps? Consider them history.

Beautikini dedicates itself to addressing menstruation and adult incontinence. This impacts one in three women.

As we reflect on our approach, it is evident. Our suit provides extra protection for light periods and spotting, as well as heavier days. It helps prevent pelvic floor mishaps.” Today, I’m putting this suit to the test on a medium-flow day of my period.

How does Period Swimwear look?

My body has a unique shape with a slim ribcage, medium-sized chest, wide hips and buttocks, and a long torso.” Finding a one-piece swimsuit that complements my body shape can be challenging.

I usually shy away from one-pieces, but this Beautikini creation? Something else is the case. The classic black enhances my silhouette, proving that inclusive design can indeed be both functional and fashionable.

beautikini period swimwear

The double strap detail isn’t just pretty—it’s practical, ensuring the suit stays precisely where it should. And the modest leg and back coverage? Just enough to feel daring without divulging too much, perfect for those days when you want to keep things under wraps.

Deep breath—time to say goodbye to the Mooncup!

How does Period Swimwear feel?

beautikini period swimwear gif

Slipping into the swimsuit, I initially felt a hint of skepticism—could this layered design truly be invisible? Yet, as I looked closely in the mirror, there was no bulky appearance, just a sleek, contoured profile. The suit provided a secure, almost protective sensation, encouraging me to stride confidently toward the pool’s deep end.

After a cautious first lap, I felt relieved that I did not see any traces of red following me. Peering down through my goggles, it was clear: Beautikini’s technology held up flawlessly. And as a seasoned swimmer made his way past me, I couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride in my discreet, leak-proof armor.

Twenty-five laps later, stepping out of the pool felt as good as stepping in. After a quick rinse, the suit had only a slight hint of red left on it. Much less of a spectacle compared to the raccoon eyes caused by my supposedly “waterproof” mascara. Reminder to self: It’s time for a new brand.

I had embarked on this swim session hoping for some relief from my period pains, and I wasn’t disappointed. Beautikini’s period swimwear had transformed a routine swim into a pain-relieving, confidence-boosting experience. As I’ve always maintained: swimming is therapeutic. Period.

Buy It Now: One Piece Swimsuit, Beautikini, $42.99