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It’s here, the moment we have all been waiting for! After a period of deep rest and introspection, the stars align to help us manifest our dreams! 

February begins with a bang with the arrival of the February 5 full moon. Happening in dramatic Leo, this event comes with an intense configuration very similar to the one we experienced in late 2012 and throughout 2022. It is a clash between the past and the future, so if you see yourself at a crossroads, take the new option, regardless of how scary it is. The universe will reward your courage! 

The highlight of the month is having Venus—the planet of pleasure—in its strongest position in the sky. In astrology, Venus rules money, romance, art, and social interactions—and until February 19, our goals in these areas will all be within reach! February 8 and February 15 are particularly positive for chasing a cherished dream. This year, Valentine’s Day promises to be oh so sweet. So even if you don’t particularly love this holiday, this is one of those times when you might decide to put on those rose-colored glasses and surrender to love!

Aquarius season comes to an end when the Sun begins to illuminate the skies of Pisces on February 18. For the next four weeks, themes of creativity, romance, intuition, and connection will ripple through the collective. The very next day, we welcome this month’s new moon in Pisces. Following the suit of last month’s new moon, it brims with possibility. Today, make a list of wishes, as the universe might just listen and surprise you at some moment in time over the next six months. 

Find out what this month has in store for your zodiac sign in your February horoscope below!

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Aries February 2023 Horoscope

In February, you’re feeling fired up, Aries! This month, you’re the networker extraordinaire, opting to spend a lot of time connecting with old colleagues and maybe even new friends. You might even opt to host a small gathering at your place—however, do so after the intense February 5 full moon to avoid unnecessary drama! 

Valentine’s Day could be interesting, to say the least. You will feel like going out to celebrate. Unfortunately, if you decide to rock the boat too much with your date, you might end up creating some uncomfortable moments. Focus on the positive and it will all be good! On February 20, lover Venus enters your sign, which is good for romance as well as your wallet. If you’ve been wanting to raise your prices or ask for a more deserving rate, make your move toward month’s end.  

Taurus February 2023 Horoscope

The beginning of the month could be intense with the February 5 full moon asking you to make a change. Even if it’s scary, this is a time to abandon the old and move into the new. In many ways, this is a blast from the past, Taurus! 

The good news is that life gets much easier after this! Venus in Pisces will be helping you manifest your dreams. For the first part of the month, it will help you attract support from peers and collaborators, so focus on socializing and connecting as much as you can. The February 19 new moon is ideal for getting creative, either with an idea in mind or just for the fun of it. Today, begin a DIY project around your place or at least move some of the art or furniture around. Playing with shapes and colors is bound to reawaken your inner muse! 

Gemini February 2023 Horoscope

Drama could be knocking at your door during the February 4 Venus-Mars clash, Gemini. Tread with care, especially when it comes to work-related interactions. Talking about work, a sweet connection between Venus and Neptune could mean great news for your reputation. On February 15, make sure to sit down to think about what your long-term career goals are. On this day, the universe is sure to hear your voice roar! 

Do you feel like you need a little bit more training or study to reach your goals? The days between February 17 and February 22 support you in going back to school or signing up for a MasterClass from the comfort of your home. Learning will play a big role in your future, Gemini, so it would be a good idea to get ahead on this trend. 

Cancer February 2023 Horoscope

The first half of the month is ideal to do your favorite thing, Cancer, which is spending relaxing moments at home with the ones you love. This is especially true toward the February 5 full moon, which brims with intensity. If possible, clear your calendar this weekend so you can rest as much as possible. 

Starting February 20, affluent Venus enters your career sector, and your work life will become extremely busy for the next three weeks. Use this time to start or launch projects, communicate your needs to your superiors, and even make a career change. You will have the two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, helping you out! Things might get a bit wild at work toward the month’s end, so make sure to pace yourself and keep your load manageable.

Leo February 2023 Horoscope

February is not a time to go it alone, Leo. This month, the stars are asking you to connect with others. Your sector of one-on-one partnerships, in particular, is being highlighted. This energy can be harnessed by forming an alliance with a business partner, working with a coach, or solidifying a romantic relationship. February 16 is a fortunate day to sign a contract or commit to a plan. 

When it comes to love, Leo, the stars are also shining upon you. If you’re single, make some plans with your besties and celebrate love and friendship on Valentine’s Day. If you’re already spoken for, the vibe is ideal for staying in and preparing a home-cooked meal with your darling. You are sure to hit new levels of intimacy while sipping wine and getting cozy.  

Virgo February 2023 Horoscope

February promises to be sweet, Virgo. It’s a month when you can make quantum leaps in your career as well as your personal life. Mars, now direct in your career sector, has you fired up to make progress, and by all means, you should feed this ambitious hunger. Your lucky days to make bold career moves are February 17, February 19, and February 22. 

However, do leave some room for romance, because this month, the universe wants to see you in love. Valentine’s Day is quite dreamy for those Virgos who are already dating someone, when there could be talks about “taking things to the next level.” If you’re single and interested in dating, February could be the month you find your match. Alternatively, this month’s energy can be harnessed toward partnering with folks who could help you manifest your dreams—think an interior designer, social media manager, life coach, or reiki healer. 

Libra February 2023 Horoscope

It looks like you’ve been considering making some changes to your home furniture and design, Libra. Make your move before February 10, while mastermind Mercury is still in your home sector, helping you make good and fast decisions. 

The best news about this month for you is that it brings the perfect balance between work and fun! Venus in Pisces will help you stay focused and productive at work, and will bring you three fascinating dates to make bold moves or assert yourself. Mark February 8, February 14, and February 15 on your calendar as your luckiest days. Then for the second part of the month, the bright light of the Sun will be awakening your creativity. Honor it by dusting off your art tools and getting creative just for the fun of it. 

Scorpio February 2023 Horoscope

February’s astrology is perfect for putting all the finishing touches on that home project, Scorpio. Search, shop, or compare styles by February 17, while the warm light of the Sun is still illuminating your home sector. 

Your sector of creativity is also brimming with activity and should not go unnoticed. The dreamy February 15 Venus-Neptune conjunction is begging you to let your creative juices flow. Whether your talent is painting, singing, or creating digital art, you are being called to express yourself and even create just for the fun of it. You are also one of the luckiest signs this Valentine’s Day, sexy Scorpio! If you’re partnered, make sure to plan a fun date with your darling. If you’re single, gather your besties and hit the town, because the universe could put an interesting soul along your path! 

Sagittarius February 2023 Horoscope

You’re one of the most social members of the zodiac, Sagittarius, but throughout the month ahead, home is where your heart will be. Both Venus and the Sun will be asking you to focus a lot of your attention on family, and you may be entertaining or hosting guests. Or, perhaps you’ve been working on a deep cleaning project, clearing out space for the year ahead. 

This month’s new moon, happening on February 19, is supporting you in making changes, so make sure to set intentions around this date. The changes you make will be positive and long-lasting. Once Venus enters Aries, on February 20, your attention might turn to fun, leisure, and pleasure. In fact, the last few days of the month are ideal for taking a long weekend or short vacation.  

Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope

For you, Capricorn, February is a month in which a deal you’ve been working on could be sealed. This is positive, as it could translate into more long-term security or money in your bank account. If possible, choose to sign on or around February 16, which is when the Sun meets Saturn, your planetary ruler. 

Your home sector is receiving cosmic beams from Jupiter—not only this month but until May 16! During this time, your stars are lucky for purchasing a home, redecorating, and even expanding your family. If any of these rings true to you, make a move at the February 19 new moon. This lucky lunation occurs in your house of communication, helping you get in touch with those who will assist you in materializing your goal. 

Aquarius February 2023 Horoscope

While the month begins on an intense note due to the February 5 full moon, the rest of the month looks promising. This full moon is not a time to dig in your heels, Aquarius—in fact, it is a time to negotiate, seek balance, and embrace change. 

If you’ve been working hard toward a goal, it could fully materialize around February 16, which is when the Sun and Saturn kiss in your sign. This connection brings long-term energy, so stay aware that whatever you agree to or sign now will remain active for quite some time. More good news! Venus in Pisces until February 19 could mean a raise or unexpected money in your bank account. If your finances need a boost, create a new budget and set new financial goals for the year ahead under the fortunate February 19 new moon. 


Pisces February 2023 Horoscope

Woohoo! If anyone was going to claim this month, that would be you, Pisces! With lover Venus in your sign until February 19, your powers of manifestation are at an all-time high—so use them wisely. The days surrounding Valentine’s Day are incredibly dreamy. If you have a partner, this is the time to write them a poem, cook them a heartwarming meal, or surprise them with a gift. 

The days between February 18 and February 21 are ultra-fortunate, as the luminaries will be in your sign, asking you to get back in touch with your deepest, wildest dreams. The end of the month could mean the arrival of a check or a raise in your monthly statement, as a total of six planetary influences occupy your sector of money and finances. 

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