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Every makeup addict has a collection they work with when preparing to go out. From date night makeup to a wedding guest look, that collection has everything you need in every possible shade and finish. You’ve probably even got that one mascara you’ve had for over a year – we know everyone’s got one.

Your full makeup kit is far too large to haul out with you whenever you leave the house; this is where a makeup bag comes in. Your makeup bag is the “lite” version of your complete makeup kit. You do the hard work before you leave the house and take a few things with you in your handbag for touch-ups and refreshes during the day or night. There are some face makeup products you must always have with you; let us check them out.

makeup bag essentials
Image by Polina Tankilevitch via Pexels

Makeup bag essentials

First and foremost

Before we even get to the essentials you need in the bag, we need to talk about the bag itself. Your makeup bag should fit easily into your purses, so go for something manageable. Always opt for a soft fabric or plastic bag. A harder bag will retain its shape rather than fit in with whatever else is in your purse and leave you looking lumpy rather than sleek. Choose a bag that is easily machine washable in a shade of fabric that is darker rather than lighter to avoid makeup stains making it look old and ratty.

1.   Lip product

Whatever you wear on your lips, be it tinted balm, gloss, or lipstick, should live in your makeup bag when you leave the house. Lip products are always the first thing to rub off or get smudged or messed up when you leave the house. You talk, kiss, eat, and drink, and whatever is on your lips slides straight off your face. Be sure that you also always have an applicator, like a lip brush, with you for everything but balm. Using an applicator rather than the one in the bottle or applying straight from the tube makes you less likely to get foreign debris inside your lip product.

makeup essentials
mage by George Milton via Pexels

2.   Wet wipes

Though wipes are technically not a makeup product, they are a makeup bag essential for several reasons. First and most, if you have a mascara, eyeliner, or lipstick smudge, wet wipes are there to save the day without worsening the situation. They can also help clean up any in-bag spills or smudges before they get worse. Having blush all over everything else in your bag is not conducive to clean makeup application! If you’re heading out for a long day, wipes can help you get older makeup off before applying a fresh coat if you can’t return home.

3.   Blotting pads

In the same way that wet wipes can help clean up smudged to fix your look on the go, blotting pads can keep you oil-free all day. If you wear foundation products like concealer and actual foundation or colour correctors, natural oils will often seep through the product from your pores and settle on top of your makeup. This can lead to a shiny face in all the wrong places, especially if you’re out for a long day. Blotting pads will soak up that oil without smudging or dislodging your foundation products.

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

4.   Concealer

Whether you’re using concealer, a corrector, or a smoother, you should always have it on you. You might leave the house in the morning with crystal-clear skin, but by lunchtime, you might have a new friend on your chin. Carry your concealer if you want to avoid going into a meeting or date with a fresh pimple on a red-light display. You might wake up feeling fresh, but a whole day of working hard can tire a girl out. Concealers can help brighten up your under-eyes for an after-work meeting or date.

5.   Setting powder

A best friend to any woman on the move, the setting powder can pull a look together or give it a little freshness. After the wet wipes, the blotting pads, and the concealer have done their job; it’s time for the setting powder to take the spotlight and ensure everything stays in place. Don’t over-apply or you’ll end up with your skin looking dry and maybe even wrinkly in areas. Tap it onto your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead with a light hand, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of hair and makeup.

If you have these five items in a good quality, easily washable makeup bag at all times, you’ll never be caught unprepared. That surprise meeting, that date that you thought might not happen that suddenly came through, or after-work drinks with friends will all be less stressful if you are prepared for anything.

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