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Nature is filled with endless oddities and infinite beauties, but none capture the way mushrooms describe each zodiac sign’s mystical brand of energy. Since the beginning of time, mushrooms have been associated with fairies, elves, and tales of mythical creatures, enchanting us mortals every step of the way.

Whenever I think of mushrooms, I think of their perspective in the Sylvia Plath poem: “Overnight, very / Whitely, discreetly, / Very quietly / Our toes, our noses / Take hold on the loam, / Acquire the air.” The eerie patience and simplicity of each line resembles the quiet fortitude of the mushroom; a fungal body that does not make a sound, yet multiplies faster than an unstoppable army. Taking over what has been long since been abandoned, mushrooms rise from decaying organic matter, doing a job few are willing to do. And it is because of their willingness to “diet on water” and “crumbs of shadow” that they can succeed in secret and side-step you when you’re not looking.

Mushrooms can enchant you, nourish you, poison you, and even kill you. And if you’re not paying attention, you may grab the wrong one. Sylvia concludes her poem: “We shall by morning / Inherit the earth. / Our foot’s in the door.” Mushrooms may not find you, but you most definitely will find them. And by the time you do, they may have already taken over.

The Mushroom That Captures Each Zodiac Sign

Like mushrooms that multiply by the hour, you, too, have an ability to dominate the world in secret and make the impossible possible. And with that in mind, here is the mushroom that most accurately reflects your zodiac sign:

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