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If you’re looking for a show that explores sex, love, and relationships, Sex and the City will always be a perfect choice. And because every personality type is represented, it’s time to discuss the Sex and the City character that matches each zodiac sign. You know you’ve spent countless hours wondering if you’re a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte, or a Miranda, so why not bring astrology into the equation?

While it may not be that shocking to see sex discussed so plainly on TV these days, it was groundbreaking when it happened on Sex and the City. It premiered in 1998, a time when it was still considered taboo for women to talk about—and actually enjoy—sex. Since its subsequent revival And Just Like That… started making waves and all 6 seasons were recently uploaded onto Netflix, members of Generation Z have finally been exploring the controversial world of Carrie Bradshaw and her long list of lovers. However, what you’ll come to find is that the real “love of her life” was never a man; it was her three best friends—Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. Even if you find some of the show’s topics and innuendos somewhat dated by today’s standards, you have to admit that its emphasis on the importance of female friendship will always stand the test of time.

The Sex and the City Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Many of us have spent hours debating the zodiac signs of each character. And while we technically actually know the fictional birthdays of the main four, it’s important to remember how multifaceted astrology can be, making these conversations quite subjective. Here’s my take on what each Sex and the City character’s zodiac sign would be:

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