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Whether you grew up learning sportsmanship on a team or you watch every game on cable, it shouldn’t be that surprising that sports can describe each zodiac sign. Sports capture the core of what it means to be alive, as it captures the primitive part of our spirit that wants to conquer the world and be victorious. Every zodiac sign loves winning and the sport that captures your competitive energy the most says so much about what you’re willing to do prove your status as a champion.

Every planet in astrology has their influence on the sports world. The moon guides our instincts, Mercury dictates our logical reasoning, and Venus captures the reasons we want to win in the first place. However, the planet that is always present during a game is Mars. Ruling over war, combat, ambition, power, and primal programming, Mars dictates the part of your personality that is still savage and untamed. Sports force you to put your body through extenuating circumstances in order to come out on top. It also requires you to be just as hungry for a gold medal as a wild animal is starving for meat. And if you’re wondering what type of animal you really are, you should consider your Mars sign just as much as your sun sign.

The Sport That Captures Each Zodiac Sign

If you’re in the mood to burn off some excess energy and bring your A-game, here’s the sport that captures each zodiac sign’s athletic side and team-spirited nature.

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