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Karla here, Celebrity Stylist and Co-Founder of The Period Company.

I started Period. because I was sick of creating waste from pads and tampons and believed in a better way to flow.

Creating a no waste Period underwear has changed my relationship with my own cycle, forever. We hear all the time from our community: these Period. underwear are “life-changing” – for real!

Today, I’m sharing how I Period. (plus my favorite styles for flowing on the go). You can shop my flow here!


A Day in the Flow with Karla Welch 


Day 1 

Call it fate, call it Karma (or maybe just routine), but my flow always shows up in the middle of the night. I get up and grab my High Waisted Period. For Medium Flows. In the morning, I change into my Sporty Stretch, which keeps me feeling secure AF for a full day of back to back meetings. At home, I jump straight into a hot shower (with my undies on, and give them a quick rinse), and then slip to my Boyshorts, which I style with an oversized tee, and nothing else.

Day 2

My day to situation is he-a-vy. I’m wearing a High Waisted Sporty, plus another pair in my bag to swap them out mid day (pro tip: I also bring a Ziploc baggie for the used ones). It took me a little getting used to, but now I prefer it to changing out a tampon multiple times a day. Tonight, it’s The Sleeper for me, the most protective pair we carry. No more scary sheets with these babies, I’m ready to gush. 

Day 3

The hump day of my flow, things aren’t over quite yet. I stick with The Sporty for work. If I use my super scientific “tap tap” method, and dab the gusset with toilet paper throughout the day, one pair will usually last me until I’m home. As things are lightening up, I go for The Boyshort again, this time for the evening and into the night.

Day 4

I’m now down to a medium flow, and have moved up into the extra soft and supportive Microfiber Bikini. I wear one pair for the whole day, including a post workout yoga class (Yes, I wear these with leggings), plus a fresh pair for the night.

Day 5 & 6

I’m in the final stretch, and things are lightening up. Rather than wearing a panty liner, I’m rocking the Thong in Microfiber for the last period bits and bobs. I love how lightweight it is, I barely know it’s there!

Day 7 

My flow is officially over, and I can go back to my normal undies. Or… Not? Sometimes, I can keep wearing my period ones, because they’re honestly great any day!

Find all of my favorite Period styles here, and let us know which ones keep you in the flow!


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