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Before transitioning into the vivacious spring season, a numinous new moon in Pisces greets us, offering a healing force of spiritual sustenance. This Jupiter and Neptune-ruled season encourages fluidity and introspection, but if you’re wondering how the new moon in Pisces will affect each zodiac sign, it marks a period of multidimensionality and deep emotional exploration. While the element water is a representation of our intuition and emotional undercurrents, Pisces’ mutable waters speak about the ability to flow through different states of being. The more we allow ourselves to surrender to higher states of consciousness, the more we can immerse ourselves in our own magic.

The sun’s transit through Pisces brings a culmination to the astrological year, which is all the more reason to reflect on your yearly journey through the zodiac. In addition to seeing yourself and the world around you from a higher perspective, this is a time to reflect on what you’re ready to release. Pisces acts as filter that removes spiritual and emotional debris, but it also distills your experiences into wisdom over time. Some of the energies you’ve subconsciously absorbed may have blocked or hindered you from your infinite potential, which is where Pisces season comes in handy.

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An identity you’ve held onto for some time is ready to dissolve. Think back to Neptune’s debut in Pisces in 2011 and how you’ve evolved since then. Don’t undermine the realms and dimensions you’ve been able to access for your creatively and spirituality, as they are equivalent to a superpower you’ve that gets stronger with time. The influence of Saturn in Pisces is also essential, as it is here to elevate you and strengthen your boundaries in the physical and spiritual realm. If murky waters from your past rise to the surface and stir up your emotions, it’s time to surrender what no longer serves you.

On March 10, Luna will renew itself via 20 degrees of Pisces at 5:00 a.m. ET. This marks the beginning of a brand new lunar cycle and an opportunity for you to set intentions for the future, especially when it comes to Pisces themes such as closure, healing, spirituality, surrender, and the subconscious realm. This lunation is almost equivalent to a new pair of lenses that allow you to see things from a higher perspective. More importantly, similar to how the moon waxes and wanes, it’s important to honor how we’re feeling, especially under this mystifying moon in Pisces. If you’re feeling called to rest, retreat, or fully release something, don’t underestimate your intuition; trust it.

The new moon in Pisces will take place on March 10 at 5:00 a.m. ET.

Astrologically, there are a number of supportive aspects to consider, starting with taskmaster Saturn. It will form an enlightening sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, offering us faith, structure, and the opportunity to expand, even if it’s slow and steady. Jupiter—planet of bounty, wisdom, and spiritual growth—is also sitting a few degrees away from change-maker Uranus in Taurus. Also known as the planet of rebellion and unexpected breakthroughs, Uranus has been shaking things up in our lives since 2018, specifically regarding themes of stability, finance, and practical matters. Nevertheless, this has simultaneously taught us how to ground ourselves amidst the chaos. The changes afoot are for your highest good. Trust the process.

How the New Moon in Pisces Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming new moon in Pisces, according to your sun sign, moon sign or rising sign (and seriously, you’re missing out if you don’t read these horoscopes for your rising sign):

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