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It’s obvious by now. SKIMS is a powerhouse in coolness, and SKIMS editorial campaigns have just about become a status symbol. It’s as if Kim Kardashian tapping you to wear a lacy teddy or a fitted black tank top is a public acknowledgement that you’re a real somebody.

Sabrina Carpenter’s SKIMS photo campaign just went live, and it’s one of the brand’s most creative editorial photoshoots yet. In it, Sabrina is sexed up in a late ’90s/early 2000s style bedroom, lounging, using a landline phone, and operating a clunky television remote. Until now, the campaigns have been pretty straightforward sets with seamlesses, occasional props, and minimal set dressing. Lana Del Rey’s Valentine’s Day shoot earlier this year amped up the creativity a bit with more set decoration.

The chatter surrounding these online rollouts seems to affirm the growing belief that these brands and their ads are the about to be the best place for ambitious art shoots. This is a conversation about capital because at this point everything is, but the fact remains that brands and advertisers are current best positioned to be able to do high art concepts like this, and the fact that SKIMS is now fashion’s Marvel movie, where being cast puts you in an exclusive class of icons, gives us something fun to talk about, to grapple with, to criticize, to engage with.

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