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Vroom vroom! Rev up your engines because I’m about to give you the 411 on the meaning of your Mars sign and what it says about the way you approach sex, conflict, and ambition. After all, one of the many things that makes humans unique is their individual approach to getting what they want—this is where the feisty red planet comes into play. Because Mars is a personal planet in astrology, learning about your Mars sign can help you make sense of your core motivations and how you instinctively react to life’s challenges. The god of war in mythology, Mars represents the embodiment of aggression, courage, and combat.

On your mark, get set, go! Similar to a race car at the starting line, ready to put the pedal to the metal, Mars has everything to do with what drives you forward, and the way you assert yourself. Its striking red colors in the night sky resemble its undying passion, and sheer audacity. Hot-headed and eternally driven, Mars ignites your deepest passions and stirs your most primal instincts. Its astrological influence can also extend to how you express anger and *clap back* in challenging situations. You can find your Mars sign by calculating your birth chart using your birth time, date, and location.

How Your Mars Sign Describes Sex, Conflict, & Ambition

Wondering why your crush hasn’t made the first move? Check their Mars sign, and thank me later. In the meantime, read on for what your Mars sign says about your personality below:

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