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In 2020, I downloaded my first dating app in hopes of kissing a French boy before a flight back to the States. Major flop. But here I stand three years later in New York City, still on the apps and a few kisses richer than before.

Dating is hard, but I love it. Shamelessly, nothing humors me more than seeing what these 20-something-year-old men put on their dating profiles. A .5x lens selfie? Excellent. Not afraid to add a silly voice prompt? Even better. If they can banter, you’ve struck gold. I’m no vet when it comes to being on dating apps, but I have served my time—mainly on Hinge (hi, bb)— and it’s not always a gold mine. All it takes is one look at my phone’s screenshot history to know that I’ve been accosted many a time by a cringe response to my profile. And yes, I keep screenshots of them. 

My years of hoarding strangers’ bizarre responses have led to this moment, and I’m ready to share them with you all. So, please, enter my vault of some of the most cringe Hinge responses I’ve ever received, and maybe my reactions to each will lighten your day a bit. 

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