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New York-based developer Savanna unveils an exciting development milestone as construction commences on the private dock amenity at Olara, a premier residential sanctuary nestled in the Palm Beaches.

Offering breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Palm Beach Island, and the Intracoastal Waterway, Olara sets a new standard for holistic living. This private dock promises to be one of the most coveted amenities in West Palm condominium living, a rarity east of Flagler Drive.

An Exclusive Preview of Olara’s Waterfront Lifestyle

Chris Schlank, President and Co-Chairman of Savanna, underscores the significance of the private dock in shaping Olara’s identity. He states, “Incorporating the private dock was one of the first decisions we made in the development process, and quickly became central to our vision.” With the scarcity of dockage in South Florida, Savanna recognised the value this amenity would bring to residents, offering unparalleled access to waterfront living.

Luxury Living: Olara Introduces Exclusive Private Dock Amenity

While Olara’s 26-story tower prepares to break ground in March, the private dock is set to open its doors early this summer, providing a tantalising glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle awaiting residents.

Managed by SavCon, the private dock will epitomise sophistication and exclusivity, offering a range of bespoke services to cater to residents’ desires.

Unparalleled Access to Waterfront Experiences

Serviced by a five-star concierge team, the private dock at Olara opens up a world of possibilities for residents. From arranging private yacht charters to Palm Beach Island to embarking on adventurous scuba diving excursions, residents can curate their ideal waterfront experiences with ease. Chris Schlank emphasises, “Not many [developments] encourage and allow for residents to get out on the water like Olara.”

Luxury Living: Olara Introduces Exclusive Private Dock Amenity

Beyond its waterfront allure, Olara boasts over 80,000 square feet of amenities that rival those of a luxury resort. Designed with wellness in mind, residents can rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit in the state-of-the-art fitness centre curated by The Wright Fit. From yoga decks to performance training zones, Olara offers a holistic approach to wellness.

Indulge in Resort-inspired Living

Olara’s pool deck epitomises resort-inspired living, with lush landscaping extending to the property’s private waterfront veranda and library. Residents can unwind by the cabana-lined swimming pools overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway or recharge at the juice bar. Additional amenities include a game room, private dining facilities, and dedicated spaces for remote work.

Luxury Living: Olara Introduces Exclusive Private Dock Amenity

Backed by Savanna, a trusted leader in real estate development, Olara stands as a testament to quality and innovation. Affiliated with esteemed partners such as the Mactaggart Family Partnership and Haymes Investment Company, Olara represents the culmination of decades of expertise in crafting exceptional living spaces.

In conclusion, Olara’s private dock amenity represents a paradigm shift in luxury living, offering residents unparalleled access to waterfront experiences in the heart of the Palm Beaches.

With its visionary design, world-class amenities, and esteemed development team, Olara sets a new standard for sophisticated coastal living.

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