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This week for Giving Tuesday, we’ve teamed up with the LA Based organization The Pad Project. We have the honor of being their sustainable period option and we we sat down ( well at our computers ) with their Director of Development, Sorelle Cohen for a quick chat. 

The Period Company: In 3 sentences tell us what the core mission of The Pad Project is?

    Sorelle Cohen: The Pad Project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women and all menstruators worldwide. Through innovation, education, and advocacy, The Pad Project aims to help move towards a world where menstruators feel empowered in their bodies, achieve economic independence, understand their reproductive and sexual health options, and harness the power to shape their lives.

    TPC: What’s one thing about 2021 that you are thankful for?

      It’s hard to only choose one thing, but I’m probably most thankful I have the opportunity to live near my family and we are now all back in Los Angeles, all 7 of us :). 

      TPC: You’ve teamed up with us for Giving Tuesday and our community is pretty amazing – share with us something unique and amazing about your community?

        What inspires me everyday to work at The Pad Project is to hear the stories first hand from the individuals and non-profit organizations that we work with. Our community has grown exponentially in the last few years and I’m amazed by the can-do attitude of the next generation of activists who are working to end period poverty in their own communities. 

        Another thing I’m impressed by  is how resilient our partners in India have been throughout the pandemic – from making face masks, to navigating floods, cyclones etc., they’ve continued to ensure that periods don’t stop for pandemics by making sure women in the communities are getting products.

        TPC: Why do you feel a sustainable option is so important for people who period?

        I feel that it’s important to find the products that fit best for the user. Period Company makes affordable, comfortable products that everyone can use! We are working towards educating people about all types of products and ensuring they have the options to choose what works best for them. For example, for people who don’t know when they are going to get their next period care products, reusable underwear is the perfect choice because it can last up to 3 years.

        TPC: Tell us who you will be sharing The Community. Donation with?

        In The Pad Project’s Pads for All initiative, we partner with U.S.-based nonprofits and grassroots organizations that work in the menstrual equity space. Organization types include domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, food banks, college food/toiletry pantries, etc. The Community. Donation will go directly towards helping our Pads for All partners support the menstrual health of the people they serve.

        TPC: How would you finish this sentence? In a perfect world, periods are ….

        Accepted, not stigmatized.


        For more information, check out their website

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