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While all menstrual cups were created to collect menstrual flow, not all menstrual cups were created equal. Not all will feel equally comfortable or be easy to reach for every person. Different features in a cup will change its shape.

How Do I Know Which Shape to Get?

Locating and measuring your cervix will give you the best possible chance to determine which shape would be the best place to start.

Bell-Shaped Cups

Bell-shaped cups are typically shorter than average menstrual cups. They tend to have rounded bases and rounder bodies that don’t taper to a point as quickly as “V”-shaped cups. They may or may not have flared rim

These cups are great for people with a medium to a low cervix. The shorter length means that this cup won’t protrude from the vaginal opening, as does the round base. Having a rounded body creates space for capacity that is lost when shortening the body length.

While some bell-shaped cups have both a secondary and upper rim, others have a flared rim (a rim that curves outward). Cups that feature a flared rim may ride up and situate themselves higher in the vaginal fornix (the space around the cervix). This will also help keep the base of the cup above the vaginal opening and eliminate the feeling of it “poking” out. It also might be worth mentioning that a flared rim is normally softer than the cup body.

Bell-shaped cups with a flared rim are the:

  • Lena Cup
  • LoulouCup,
  • Sckoon Cup
  • Si-Bell Cup

Bell-shaped cups without a flared rim are the:

  • LaliCup
  • Ruby Cup
  • Saalt Cup
  • Super Jennie Cup

You can also find a bell-shaped cup without a shortened body like the Venus Cup. It comes in a large and small size. While the large cup may not be comfortable for someone with a very low cervix, the smaller one might still be a good option.

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V-Shaped Cups

V-shaped cups typically have more length. The body of these cups are slender and taper to a point at the base. Most, if not all, V-shaped cups have an upper rim and many of them feature a secondary rim for added firmness.

Since these cups have more length and don’t tend to ride up as high as bell-shaped cups, they are easier to reach for those who have a medium to high cervix.

A person with a medium to low cervix might find the smaller size of a V-shaped cup more comfortable. However, some brands use the same length between both or all of their sizes. The difference is in the diameter of the cup opening. If you have a medium to low cervix and would like to use a V-shaped cup, double-check the length of the size before making a decision.

Some V-Shaped cups are the:

  • Casco Cup
  • Diva Cup
  • Mermaid Cup
  • Monthly Cup

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Round-Shaped Cups

There are a handful of round-shaped cups on the market. These cups claim that they:

Most of the round-shaped cups are on the shorter side and have a wide diameter at the center of the body. A couple of brands feature a “no-spill” or “spill-proof” rim which is flipped outward when emptied. Others have a secondary and upper rim, while yet another features just an upper rim.

Although these cups look like they hold a lot, they hold about the same as an average large menstrual cup with 30-35 ml at full capacity. Again, these cups tend to be on the shorter side and even though they don’t need to be inserted as high, they can migrate upwards making them hard to reach for individuals with a high cervix.

Some Round-shaped cups are the:

  • FemmyCycle Cup
  • Formoonsa Cup
  • Merula Cup
  • Tieut Cup

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Ergonomic Cups

Cups labeled as “ergonomic” (designed for efficiency and comfort) have a slanted body and rim with one side of the cup longer than the other. These were designed to situate themselves around the cervix, with the longer side towards the back of the vaginal canal (nearest to the tailbone). While these may be more comfortable, they may take some getting used to, as adjustments need to be made while folding, inserting, and positioning.

At this time, the “Fun Cup” is the only cup of this type that is readily available besides a cheap version that can be found under various names or sold without a “brand”.

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It is your body and only you can feel which cup suits you best. If you feel undecided, you can compare cups and see which one appeals to you the most!

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