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  1. Do NOT cut the complete stem off all at once.
  2. You may find that you need a bit of that length to reach and/or remove
    the cup. Rather, trim off small sections of the stem at a time.
  3. Most – but not all – stems include grip rings. This makes for an easy cutting guide.

CAUTION! For those of you who choose to cut the stem completely off, be sure that there is enough connection that you do not cut into the cup base.

Some cups, such as Venus Cup, are designed with an extra piece of material (e.g. silicone) or a “seal” that can be found typically inside of the cup where the stem meets the base. This acts as a reinforcement so that the stem is attached securely. It also gives the user a safe area to trim without cutting into the cup.

On a side note, if you would rather keep the stem intact and it doesn’t bother you while wearing the cup, it’s perfectly fine to leave it as is.

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