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In 2013, Modibodi emerged with a dual mission: to address menstrual and bladder leaks, and offer an alternative to single-use disposable products. Although navigating the complexities of the apparel industry was challenging, our determination fuelled our journey.  

Early on, we began to understand the widespread effects of period embarrassment and the critical issue of period inequality around the world. As a brand, we began questioning how society felt about menstruation and saw a need to reimagine the conversation. Our ambition was clear: to normalise periods and help empower girls and women with confidence. 

We wanted to revolutionise the period care category, as a global brand that creates premium, reusable leak-proof products for all bodies. We knew it would be tough building a business focused on positive social impact, but we were steadfast in our belief that our products could address big challenges and create long-term value.  

A decade later, we’re so proud to announce all our work has been recognised in our Certification as a B Corporation. So, let’s talk about it!  

What is a B Corp?  

You’ve probably seen that familiar ‘B-Corp’ logo on some of your favourite brands. But what does it mean? B Corporations represent a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Companies who are Certified B Corps meet higher standards of social and environmental impact, transparency, and accountability to stakeholders, rather than just shareholders.  

In simple terms, it makes all the hard work we do behind the scenes to create an amazing product accessible to all, more official. So, when you see the ‘B Corp’ mark, you know you can trust that brand. 

How did Modibodi become B Corp Certified?

Achieving B Corporation Certification required us to complete the B Impact Assessment—a comprehensive evaluation of our impact on people and the planet. This process scrutinised our suppliers, charity partners, customers, the environment, local communities, and our employees. 

The more processes and decisions that provide value to our stakeholders, the higher we scored on the assessment. The final assessment provides transparency in our policies for everyone to see – yes, even you if you’d like to read it! The process is rigorous and took us months to finalise, but it was worth every effort.  

How did Modibodi score in the B Corp Assessment?

Just like an exam at school, every company needs to score at least 80 points across all impact areas to be certified B Corp. We’re proud to announce that Modibodi scored 97 points!  

But getting a great score isn’t the end of the story. We have also amended our governing documents to ensure decision-making is inclusive of all stakeholders. Plus, every three years we’ll recertify and be reaudited against the scorecard. It’s a way of creating an assessment framework and continuous improvement. 

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