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If there’s one annoyingly relatable thing about life as a menstruating person, it’s that your body’s calendar doesn’t care about your romantic plans. Sometimes, you can’t help your period showing up to crash the party. 
Get ready for your next date night by finding the perfect pair of underwear to suit your plans, and we’ve got you covered!  
Whether you’re up for a cozy night in, an adventurous day out, or something in between, our game-changing range of period undies are here to help you feel comfortable, cute and protected from leaks.  

Try: Period Swimwear  

Picture this: a romantic stroll on the sand, waves lapping at your toes, and not a care in the world about your period because you’re wearing leak-proof swimwear. Yep, that’s right – swimwear designed for your period. It’s a total beach day saviour.  

Try: Leak-proof activewear  

The dancefloor belongs to you, not your period. Enter: our Leak-proof activewear range. The base to your rhythm, these comfy, discreet undies are made to move with your body, all the while protecting you from leaks, odour and sweat. Sounds like music to our ears. 

Date plans: Getting active  

Try: Seamfree range 

Let’s be real, dating ain’t no walk in the park, but if you happen to take a romantic walk in a park, then we’ve got you covered. Our Seamfree range does all the hard work to keep you dry, comfortable, and free from VPL, so you can focus on other things. 

Date plans: Dinner and a movie

Try: Sensual range 

Period in peace and stand without fear thanks our Sensual collection: the antidote to your baddy, ‘period designated’ underwear. With luxe lace detailing, soft-on-skin fabrics and our award-winning patented technology, these fiery undies make thongs look mild. 

Date plans: Cosy night in

Try: Classic range 

One couch, big spoon and 10 trips to the bathroom to check your tampon — scratch that last part. Our Classic period range can hold up to 3 tampons worth of blood, all the while keeping you dry, comfortable and secure, so you can spoon in peace.  

Date plans: Spicing things up

Try: Thong 

Period sex ick can get the flick. Our barely-there Thong is here for heated date nights, with a seriously spicy cut, VPL-free finish and light protection against spotting, discharge, and leaks. 

Date plans: On a budget

Try: ModiBasics 

Date night doesn’t need fluff and frills to matter. Our Modibodi basics range is the same: featuring all the leak-proof protection and comfort you know and love but at a friendlier price. 


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