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For pre-teen and teenage girls, getting one’s period is a growing pain that brings a lot of anxiety with it. Will it show up out of the blue and cause an embarrassing accident? Will other people know? Will it be painful? These are just a few of the questions that come to girls’ minds as they encounter this milestone of adolescence. The good news is that there has never been a better time in history to deal with menstruation.

Over the last several years, there has been much innovation in the business of period protection, such as easy-to-use apps that help girls track their cycles with their phones and even send push notifications to remind them that their time of the month may be about to show up. Tampons have developed more sleek designs that have pop-out applicators and fit in a girl’s pocket or purse quite discreetly. Several companies have brought reusable menstrual cups to the market which wholly eliminates the need to tote around period protection products. Then, the greatest invention of all…period panties.

Maybe you have heard of period underwear and maybe not. This relative newcomer to the game is underwear that works to absorb menstrual flow like a pad but doesn’t have the diaper-like bulkiness, stickiness, or waste associated with wearing disposable panty liners. But, the question that goes through the minds of many females is period underwear does it work? Today, we are going to give you the lowdown on this period product and tell you about the revolutionary period panties offered by Tony and Ava, which we feel are simply the best period underwear you can buy.


Period underwear is designed to work through layering fabric and plastic to wick away and absorb varying amounts of menstrual flow. Along with being super absorbent, the best period underwear should not leak or release odors. This is accomplished by manufacturers choosing fabrics that are stretchy so that they can conform to each girl’s body shape. These fabrics are also antimicrobial and have a high ability to wick away moisture from the body quickly. The antimicrobial component in the fabric eliminates odors and the wicking ability safeguards against leakage.

When trying to select the best period underwear for your tween or teen, you should seek a brand that can absorb any level of flow, due to the fact that girls of this age can have terribly unpredictable periods that range from short and light to long and heavy.

So, when you ask…period underwear does it work? The answer for teens and tweens is an emphatic yes. In fact, this age group is a prime target audience for this type of product. Teens and tweens are notoriously busy juggling school, friends, activities, and family obligations. Trying to keep track of when that pesky and unpredictable monthly visitor is going to show up can be an anxiety-provoking hassle. It can be additionally stressful having to ask to use the restroom frequently at school.

Period underwear takes some of this angst away by giving young ladies the knowledge that they are protected no matter what the situation is. Not having to worry about the humiliation of a leak or dropped tampon in front of classmates makes navigating the self-conscious and sometimes cruel world of tweendom just a little bit easier.

Period underwear also eliminates the period product learning curve that girls faced in the past with needing to figure out how to insert a tampon or correctly position a pad. Besides dealing with potential discomfort from these more archaic products, not having them precisely in the right spot could spell period disaster for clothes, chairs, and couches.

The fact that about 50% of the planet menstruates didn’t rush the period protection industry from remaining fairly stagnant until recently. Some of this lies in the fact that the subject matter is more difficult to discuss than say food or cleaning products. Other reasons include that many of the companies that would have a vested interest in this market were often headed by men, and let’s face it, men don’t have to deal with the joy of a period.

Thankfully, history gets to stay in the past and modern-day innovations are here to stay. The brilliant minds at Tony and Ava are proud to offer tweens and teens the best period underwear available. Our period panties are comfortable, absorbent, and appear no different on the body than regular underwear, that way your time of the month is your secret…period.

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