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Find the most economical and comfortable period underwear

Period underwear changed how lots of folks deal with menstruation. No more bulky pads or uncomfortable tampons. Today, many brands offer comfy, protective, and eco-friendly designs. As consumers, we purchase period underwear from four brands: Thinx , Modibodi, Sea Siren, and Tom. We will give advice to all female friends who want to buy period underwear from four points: price, purchase channel , discount policy, And how you feel after using it.Make recommendations based on our buying experience.


First, Thinx U. We found it on a supermarket shelf ,This brand is probably the most expensive of the four brands, and we didn’t buy too many, one pair of underwear cost $30. After wearing it for a week, the material felt comfortable. But it is not breathable, if it is worn for a long time in summer, it may be a little hot. When we touch the thickness of it, it feels pretty thick. Just like their advertising says, it’s enough to  prevent severe menstrual leakage.but, we still do not recommend it to female friends who are afraid of heat.

2.  Modibodi

The second is modibodi period underwear. This is a brand that we thought was good after seeing the advertisement. We bought their period underwear. The material is quite comfortable, and the material thickness for the private parts is as advertised, there are 4- layers of thickness. But we also compared the thickness  of it to the other three, and it felt thinner. At the same time, we also suggests that we need to add sanitary pad. Prevent side leakage. one pair of underwear cost $24, We bought two for $48 each at the supermarket without any promotion.

3. Sea Siren

It’s a brand that specializes in period swimsuits and underwear. A friend of ours recommended it. We placed an order on their website and got the package in about 10 days. When we got the products, the most special thing was that they were packaged in transparent bags. Not a cardboard box like the other brands. In fact, this transparent bag is a very environmentally friendly and friendly design for our female friends. Because unlike a cardboard box, which can only be discarded after opening, the bag can be reused. When you go out to help you decorate things, of course it could be your makeup or spare stockings. We also tried on Sea siren period underwear, . It’s also a four-story design. But it didn’t feel very hot. The period underwear breathability is very good, we would recommend this brand to other female friends. The panties are comfy, and their bags are really cute. The unit price on the website is $20 each. We saw on their website that you can get a free set of period underwear for orders over $50. We got an extra pair of underwear. So we bought four of  them for a total of $60, but  One of those is free. That’s an average of $15 a pair of underwear.The most important thing is that they did not charge extra freight, and they delivered it to us for free

4.  Tom

Tom period underwear is the one that makes us feel that the unit price is the cheapest among the four brands, but it is not cheap, the unit price is 18.5 dollars.We also based on the recommendation of friends, on their website to order the purchase. But we don’t see any promotional policies on their website.So we didn’t buy too many and only bought two. The total costwas 37 dollars. We waited about 15 days to get the package.  It is worth mentioning that we also paid an extra $10for shipping, because as their website said, there is free delivery only cost over $100. We weren’t going to pay $100 for their product, so we didn’t get free shipping.We spent a total of $47 on two pairs of underwear.Its packaging is also a carton. We  checked their website and packaging. Probably a lot of cotton. The period underwear of this brand was made very thick and hot. If you go out in the summer, this brand of underwear may make you feel hot and uncomfortable. We also feel that it is not breathable. We do not recommend buying this brand of period underwear in the summer because it is hot and not breathable.

1.Sea Siren

First up is Sea Siren period underwear. The cool thing about them is their packaging bag, which you can use again. Plus, if you spend $50 or more, you get one free! At $15 a pair, FREE SHIPPING. Their product is comfortable to wear, thick enough to withstand heavy periods, and breathable without feeling too hot.

2. ThinxU

Next, we have ThinxU period underwear. They’re comfy and not too warm, but a bit tight. They’re a bit pricier, but they’re thick enough to keep leaks at bay.You can buy them in supermarkets, but not necessarily in every supermarket in every country. Of course you can go to their website to buy. It’s a little expensive.

3. Modibodi

Then, there’s Modibodi period underwear. It’s a famous brand, but it’s not as thick as others. For those with heavy flows, you might need a backup pad just in case.You can also go to the supermarket to buy it, but it is not certain that supermarkets in every country will carry it. You can also go to their website to buy.

4. Tom

Lastly, there’s Tom period underwear. You need to buy online, and you need to spend $100 or more to get free shipping, but the material feels really thick. After wearing them for a while, they can feel a bit warm. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in the summer.