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In a groundbreaking move within the realm of luxury spirits, LOUIS XIII, the esteemed French Cognac Grande Champagne, introduces a sustainable ritual of unprecedented innovation – The Infinite Refill Ritual.

This revolutionary experience allows owners of LOUIS XIII decanters to embark on an endless journey by returning their mouth-blown and handcrafted decanters to select LOUIS XIII boutiques for refilling, offering a timeless gift of perpetuity.

Unveiling The Infinity Experience

Crafted to reflect the rich heritage and terroir of the cognac it holds, each LOUIS XIII decanter now presents an unparalleled opportunity for owners to transcend time through an infinitely refillable journey.

Revolutionising Luxury Spirits: The Infinite Refill Ritual by LOUIS XIII

The newly introduced Infinity Wheel, designed exclusively for refilling the classic decanter, marks a significant stride towards sustainability, with its debut at the LOUIS XIII Boutique in Harrods, London.

The Two-Stage Client Experience

Upon returning their decanter, owners engage in a meticulously orchestrated two-stage client experience. Firstly, each decanter undergoes a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and resealing process to ensure its pristine condition.

Subsequently, the Infinity Wheel is activated, initiating a mesmerising spectacle witnessed exclusively by the decanter’s owner.

Revolutionising Luxury Spirits: The Infinite Refill Ritual by LOUIS XIII

As the rare LOUIS XIII mahogany-coloured eaux-de-vie gracefully flows from the refill capsule into the decanter, a captivating dance of light ensues across its surfaces. With each drop, the precious liquid evolves, deepening in complexity and richness.

By the culmination of the Infinity Experience, the decanter transcends mere refilling – it embodies a continuation, poised for future tasting encounters with LOUIS XIII Cognac.

Becoming Part of Heritage and Sustainability

Through their participation in this unique ritual, owners intertwine with the rich heritage and savoir-faire of the LOUIS XIII legacy while affirming their personal commitment to luxury sustainability.

Anne-Laure Pressat, Executive Director of LOUIS XIII, affirms the significance of this milestone, stating, “We are extremely proud to introduce the world’s first refill experience in the luxury spirit industry…”

Revolutionising Luxury Spirits: The Infinite Refill Ritual by LOUIS XIII

In alignment with its commitment to sustainability, LOUIS XIII recently unveiled a visionary redesign of the Classic decanter coffret. While preserving its iconic elements of colour, design, and heritage, the coffret is now exclusively crafted from cellulosic materials, rendering it 100% recyclable.

This innovative redesign has resulted in a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions, with each coffret being 24% lighter and 14% smaller than its predecessor, facilitating more eco-friendly shipping and transportation.

Global Commitments and Engagements

Beyond its strides in sustainability within Cognac, LOUIS XIII extends its impact globally through partnerships with organisations like the National Forestry Office (ONF) and patronage of the ‘Admirable Trees’ of the Château de Versailles. This multifaceted approach underscores LOUIS XIII’s dedication to fostering environmental stewardship on a global scale.

The Infinity Experience is exclusively available at select LOUIS XIII boutiques, including the LOUIS XIII Boutique in Harrods, London, and two others in Cognac and Beijing. Notably, the experience is tailored for the classic 70cl decanter, with considerations for the fragility of older decanters.

Revolutionising Luxury Spirits: The Infinite Refill Ritual by LOUIS XIII

As LOUIS XIII pioneers sustainable practices within the luxury spirits industry, the Infinity Refill Ritual stands as a testament to its enduring commitment to excellence, heritage, and environmental responsibility.

With each refill, owners not only savour the essence of time encapsulated within the decanter but also contribute to a legacy of sustainability that transcends generations.

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