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This year will strengthen your relationships and encourage you to express yourself, because your Sagittarius 2024 horoscope says you’re a magnet for all sorts of new and exciting people. Let those you meet inspire you endlessly, because you’re zeroing in on the goals that truly matter to you.

Throughout 2023, you’ve started conversations and reached out to people who share your interests on an intrinsic level, thanks to the taste you got of Pluto in Aquarius. However, Pluto will re-enter Aquarius from January 20 to September 1, and again on November 19, where it will continue to add fuel to the fire of your third house of communication and information until 2043. This will inspire you to create, converse, and collaborate on topics and subjects that are not only somewhat taboo, but genuinely fascinating to you on a psychic level. Gone are the days where you only explore something superficially, because in 2024, you’re going as deep as possible.

What has been holding you back from truly expressing yourself? What inner child would has stopped you from fully embracing the love, romance, and pleasure of emotional expression? You’ll find answers to these questions once the North Node of Destiny joins forces with healing Chiron on February 19, driving you to take a leap of faith in your playful fifth house. 2024 is the year you make up for all the times you held yourself back from doing something you’ve always wanted to do, because there’s a starving artist living inside you that’s begging to be fed. Once a lunar eclipse in Libra rises in your 11th house of community ideals on March 25, you will be further inspired to share the wealth, knowing that having the courage to be creative will show others how to do the same. And as a total solar eclipse casts a shadow over your romantic fifth house on April 8, you’re truly redefining your understanding of love and what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Once winter thaws into spring, you’ll feel motivated to hit the grindstone and tend to your self-care needs in an exciting new way. After all, Jupiter forms a conjunction with Uranus in your sixth house of health, work, and service on April 20, opening up new pathways to productivity, efficiency, and nourishment. You have the potential to make a ton of progress in a very short amount of time, but breaking records isn’t what truly matters; it’s more about proving everything you ever doubted about yourself wrong. This is soon to be followed by Jupiter’s foray into Gemini, which begins on May 25. This transit will attract abundance to your seventh house of partnerships, strengthening and stimulating your one-on-one partnerships in a way that could lead to business proposals, marriage offers, and more.

However, by autumn, you may be dealing with beautiful—and possibly uncomfortable—changes in your personal life that seem out of your control. This is when a lunar eclipse in Pisces will pierce the sky on September 17, initiating a transformation in your fourth house of home and family. You may be moving to a new place, welcoming new family members, and dealing with the stress of shaking up your sacred space. This paves the way for a solar eclipse in Libra on October 2, which will further invigorate your 11th house of humanitarian causes. While you may be letting go of your associations with certain social groups, you’re also connecting with people who share your dream of a better tomorrow.

The year concludes with Mars retrograde in Leo, which begins on December 6. This retrograde will check the oil and get the engine checked in your ninth house of travel, expansion, and wisdom, which could make you feel somewhat locked in place. If you’re dreaming of something “bigger” that what you have, keep in mind that sometimes, you need to make sure you have everything ready to go before you can truly embark on your next adventure.

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