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With Halloween mere weeks away, many people are turning their attention to the scary, the spooky–and the astrological. As we specialize in astrology, we conducted a study to identify the zodiac signs of serial killers (at least the ones we know about). Though they’ve been the subject of tireless study for decades now, the building blocks that make a serial killer remain elusive even to the most perceptive and educated psychiatrists, academics, and criminologists in the world—is it nature or nurture, or all of the above?

At all times, but especially during this season, interest in this strange breed of violent criminal remains high, and the fascination for true crime produces huge audiences for podcasts, TV shows, and movies. The interest is peaking whether the cases are solved, unsolved, or ongoing.

Are most of them fiery Leos or crafty Libras? To understand which signs may be overrepresented among some of the most notorious killers in history, we studied almost 500 known serial killers from across the globe. (Check out our full methodology at the bottom of this page.)

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