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British contemporary artist Conrad Shawcross RA recently unveiled his latest large-scale creation at Annabel’s, timed perfectly with Frieze London 2023.

In this captivating artistic series dedicated to optics and visual perception, Shawcross takes a groundbreaking step, introducing mirrored surfaces for the first time at Annabel’s. His remarkable wall-based artwork, titled “Patterns of Absence (MRS20D15),” takes centre stage at the Club’s reception, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter.

Exploring Optical Wonders

Shawcross’s “Patterns of Absence (MRS20D15)” is a mesmerizing sculpture that immediately commands attention as it dominates the entrance of Annabel’s. Comprising intricate monumental discs adorned with over 100,000 holes, this artwork showcases a captivating wheel-like movement. What makes this creation truly remarkable is the use of mirrored surfaces, allowing for a play of light and reflection that tantalizes the senses.

Shawcross's Optic Artwork Shines at Annabel's for Frieze 2023

As natural light filters through the artwork’s discs, it sets in motion an optic interference that dances with patterns, enchanting both Members and guests. With every passing second, the sculpture evolves, presenting a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience. The interplay of patterns is hypnotic, making “Patterns of Absence (MRS20D15)” a true masterpiece of visual artistry.

A Philanthropic Gesture

In a heartwarming gesture, the proceeds from the sale of this extraordinary artwork will be generously donated to The Caring Family Foundation. This not only underscores the artist’s commitment to the arts but also his dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

As an exclusive opportunity for Members and guests, Conrad Shawcross will engage in a captivating conversation with Tim Marlow OBE, Chief Executive and Director of the Design Museum. This unique dialogue will provide valuable insights into the depths of the artist’s creative process, allowing attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the inspiration behind “Patterns of Absence (MRS20D15).”

A Celebration of Art and Culture

In his own words, Conrad Shawcross expresses his excitement about this prestigious showcase: “I’m thrilled to be showing my mirrored Patterns of Absence in the entrance to Annabel’s during Frieze week 2023. From Annabel’s beginnings in the 1960s, it’s been the home of many great works of art (as well as some amazing musicians and performers) and I’m delighted to be adding to their ranks.”

Shawcross's Optic Artwork Shines at Annabel's for Frieze 2023

Annabel’s, an iconic establishment since its inception in 1963, continues to be a beacon of art and culture. With a legacy spanning sixty years, the Club has consistently showcased exceptional artistic collaborations. The unveiling of “Patterns of Absence (MRS20D15)” by Conrad Shawcross RA marks the fourth Frieze display at Annabel’s, following the footsteps of esteemed artists like Damien Hirst, Joseph Klibansky, and Es Devlin in previous years.

In conclusion, Conrad Shawcross RA’s “Patterns of Absence (MRS20D15)” is a monumental addition to Annabel’s artistic heritage, setting new standards for contemporary art in the heart of London. This remarkable masterpiece, with its optical marvels and philanthropic commitment, ensures that Annabel’s legacy of celebrating art and culture endures for generations to come.

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