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1. In some cultures it’s like going to the dentist

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In some cultures, there isn’t a stigma around seeing a therapist! For a lot of people, seeing a professional to blow out the emotional cobwebs is a essential as going to a dentist to make sure your teeth are in good shape. When you think about it that way, it’s not so scary!

2. There’s only so much that friends and family can do

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If you’re lucky enough to have close friends and family around you, a support network that you feel comfortable drawing on, that’s fantastic- but it can be tempting to think that means you wouldn’t benefit from a therapist. But, at the end of the day, there’s only so much loved ones can do.

3. In fact, they might accidentally give you bad advice!

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In fact, it’s likely friends and family won’t actually be trained mental health professionals. Whilst they love and care about you, they might end up accidentally giving you bad advice for your situation, even whilst they’re trying their best to help!

4. It’s a place to talk with no judgement

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One thing that absolutely ROCKS about therapy, is the lack of judgement. You can go into that office (or that Zoom call, if you go the online route) and just get things off your chest. Finally, a place where you can let it all out, and no one is going to bat an eyelid.

5. Around 16.2 MILLION adults in the US could use help for depression

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More people are suffering with very treatable issues than you might think. For instance, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), about 7% adults had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. That’s over 16 million people who would benefit from time with a therapist.

6. About 6 or 7 percent of adults in the US experience PTSD

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is another issue that people might need some professional help with, that is more common than you might think. It affects people who’ve been through something traumatic in life which, of course, can take many different forms. It’s estimated to affect around 6-7% of the general population.

7. Therapists aren’t just for crises

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One big misconception is that you should reach out to a therapist when you’ve reached a point of crisis; that it’s only time to get some help when you’re having a break down, and life feels like it’s crumbling. That’s not true! Seeing a therapist is just as much about the general upkeep of your mind and mental wellbeing.

8. Without therapy, other coping mechanisms creep in

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Without the support of a therapist, some people will inevitably fall back on some other coping mechanisms, and these can act as signs that maybe they could do with some professional support. They’re things people end up doing to just get through the day, like an emotional crutch.

9. Over-eating can be an emotional crutch…

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Whilst there are plenty of different causes of over eating- from the psychological to the physiological- for some it’s a coping mechanism used in place of seeking help. It’s like a displacement of built-up feeling, which a therapist would be able to talk through.

10. …as can under-eating

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The same can be said for under eating, too. Issues in life that lead to a feeling of a lack of control can sometimes lead people to exercise control over other things in their life- like food. Therapists and family doctors alike can give people the help they need when this becomes an issue and remember, if you’re struggling you can always ask for help.

11. Some people turn to drinking too much

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A lot of people have a tendency to crack open a bottle of wine or a beer after a long or especially challenging day. Within limits, this can be fine, but sometimes people feel themselves begin to rely on it more than is really comfortable. That’s the time some advice from a professional could be helpful,

12. It will help you grow

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No matter where you’re at with your own personal well-being, we all have room to grow as people! Therapy can feel daunting or even uncomfortable at times- but only because it’s putting you outside your emotional comfort zone. Ultimately this is a great way to mature and grow.

13. Communication is a skill everyone has to learn

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Communication is one of the main skills that therapy can help us all with- and let’s face it, it’s a tough skill! It’s one of those things that it’s always worth working on and, when you do, you can reap big rewards in your life across the personal and the professional.

14. You might find yourself snapping at your loved ones

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This is a tell-tale sign that maybe something isn’t quite right with a person. If they start snapping at friends or family, and this isn’t they’re usual MO, it might mean there are some stresses and strains going on behind the scenes that they aren’t getting help for yet.

15. A therapist can help you with things you might feel ashamed of

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It’s sad but it’s true that we can end up feeling ashamed of negative feelings. Hard times and struggles are, ultimately, a natural part of life- but in a culture obsessed with success and happiness, it can feel hard to admit when you’re down. A therapist is someone you can share all of that with.

16. You can talk through money worries with them too

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Money worries consistently place high in research about what causes people the most stress and anguish- it’s up there with bereavement and divorce as a cause of strain. Most people will go through some kind of financial stress in their life, and it’s another thing you can chat through with your shrink.

17. It can help you keep track of your journey

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Something everyone could benefit from if they had their own therapist, would be having someone to help keep track of how they’ve been doing. We’re all ono a journey with our mental wellbeing, and a counsellor can help put the various pieces together over time.

18. They can help with grief

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Grief and bereavement is something pretty much everyone goes through in life- from the first time you lose a beloved family pet, to the loss of parents and siblings as you grow older. Just because it’s a natural part of life, doesn’t make it any easier to go through, and therapists can help you cope with your loss.

19. They can help you figure out what’s wrong

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Over the course of a life time, there might be stages at which you feel something isn’t quite right, but you can’t place what it is. Maybe you’re feeling dissatisfied and restless, maybe there’s a sadness that you can’t quite shake. A therapist is kind of like a detective partner- together you can crack the case!

20. They can help with big changes in life

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We all go through big changes in life: whether it’s a move to a new city (or even just across town!), a new job, or the end of a relationship. These things can be exciting, but they can also be unsettling- new places and people are a lot to adjust to. That’s something a therapist can hold your hand through.

21. They give you practical tips for coping

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Each therapist will have their own techniques and approaches, but the kind of therapy you go for is really up to you! If you’re less into delving into your past or keeping dream journals, you can find a therapist who will give you concrete tools to help you get by.

22. Therapy helps you understand others, as well as yourself

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As well as getting the inside scoop on your own mind (which is frankly fascinating, and kind of addictive!), therapy helps you get inside the heads’ of others too. The more you learn about communication, and the ways that people behave, the more you’ll get why we all do what we do.

23. A weekly session trains your brain

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It can be so easy to go along in life not really engaging with how you’re feeling and how you’re doing. Spending even an hour a week in a session will help train you to check in with yourself more often and more consistently. It’s just like how a weekly exercise class reshapes your relationship with working out.

24. It’s like a cheat code to feel better

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Sure, maybe some of the things you learn about yourself in therapy are things you could eventually figure out yourself. Maybe over years of reflection you would have come to the same conclusion. But why wait?! We’re all busy people, use the cheat code and get a pro to break it down for you much quicker! Of course, therapy still takes time too- but you’re definitely speeding up the process.

25. A good cry has proven benefits

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More often than not, any good therapist worth their salt will have a big box of Kleenex on hand at all times. Talking about feelings, especially the hard ones, is just a tear jerking experience! They’re not even always sad tears, sometimes they’re happy, confused, or cathartic. Whatever they are, it’s good for the soul to have a good weep in a non judgmental environment.

26. Therapists have heard it ALL

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Seriously, there’s nothing you can say that will shock them. That awful thing you did that you feel terrible about? That terrible thought you had that’s been bothering you ever since? They won’t dismiss it but, believe me, they’ve heard it all before- which is kind of a relief!

27. It’s empowering to take action!

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Some people seem to think that asking for help is a sign of weakness, which it categorically is not! In fact, seeking help from a therapist during a hard time is likely to make you feel empowered and in control. Just taking that first step to making things better will feel great!

28. The effects are long-lasting

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It isn’t as if therapy only works for the time you’re in it. The things you learn, and the skills you develop, will stay with you long after you part ways with a therapist, and are likely to continue to have positive effects in your life for years to come! It’s like a battery you charge up, that helps you power through life!

29. It will help you feel less alone

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We all go through tough times and, even when we have loved ones around, it can be very isolating and lonely. There are times when you just feel on your own and it can be sad and scary. A therapist will remind you that you aren’t on this journey alone.

30. Life’s too short!

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You wouldn’t walk around with a broken leg for twenty years, would you? Nope, you would make it a priority to go get that cast on, get your leg healed so that you could get back out there and live life to the fullest! We should take the same approach with our mental health.

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