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Everyone knows the best part of breaking up is making up, but how can you be sure this love story isn’t over for good? Relationships can be incredibly complex, which is why I’m about to reveal all the tell-tale signs your ex still is not over you, according to their zodiac sign. As long as both parties are willing to put in the work and meet each other half-way, choosing to get back together with your ex can lead to a rewarding and long-lasting union that reinforces your ability to grow together. Remember, our birth charts are comprised of a series of energies that need to be considered, so be sure to read for their sun, moon and rising sign.

If you want to take it a step further, you’ll also want to read about their Mars and Venus signs, given that these two planets represent everything from our love language and seduction style to what fuels our passions, and carnal instincts. They don’t refer to Mars—planet of passion and sexual intensity—and Venus—planet of love, romance and friendship—as the “Cosmic Lovers” for nothing, so do your due diligence and make sure your astro-facts are up to par for this.

While you should never go back to a toxic relationship pattern or return to an ex lover that doesn’t respect you, a breakup can give both parties time to breathe and come to terms with what they truly want. Spending time apart reflecting on what’s come and gone can shine a light on what we didn’t see before, making you realize that perhaps you were better together than you initially thought.

Signs Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Not Over You

Whether you’re dreaming of reuniting with your ex or you’re simply double-checking to see if they’ve moved on from the relationship before you have, here are signs they’re still definitely not over you, according to their zodiac sign:

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