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The traditional Sunday lunch has had a somewhat sacred prominence in our British culture, tracing back to the historical century of the late 1700s as the cherished, hearty meal of choice post a Sunday church service.

Fast forwarding to the 20th century, the allure of succulent slow-roasted meat, and golden crisp potatoes with lashings of lip-smacking gravy continues to grasp the beloved nation, earning a firm presence be it in the family favourite neighbourhood pub, or the lavishly opulent Michelin-worthy gems.

Offering up a silver platter banquet of hearty Sunday luxury to top drawer on the dashing SW3 postcode of Kings Road, is Chelsea’s revitalised beautiful boozer, the Cadogan Arms.

Continuing to flourish in its luminous legacy crossing over 200 years, this historic establishment had chosen to seal up their doors in 2019 in a momentous restoration project, designed to pay adulation to our quintessential public houses’ humble beginnings, whilst breathing in a fresh lease of, contemporary life complete with a delectably, curated gourmet menu fit for its Sloanie guests.

Sunday Affairs At The Cadogan Arms, Kings Road, Chelsea

Revelling in the reveal of the Cadogan Arms resplendent renaissance, are Dominic Jacobs and the high-powered JKS restaurants, who had joined forces in a formidable gargantuan alliance. 

The union set the scene for a glittering reel of Dominic Jacobs’ toothsome gastro background, showcased in Mayfair in the one-time iconic tavern institution of Mayfair’s The Running Horse, twinned with JKS’s restaurant mastery vanquished in the two-Michelin-starred Kitchen Table

Nestled Sitting gracefully in near neighbouring presence to Sloane Square and South Kensington, an exquisite, floral bedecked wood carved façade in chocolate brown tones paved an intricate path for the interior milieu, exhibiting an aesthetically captivating portrayal that stopped countless Manolo jewelled heels in their tracks on the elaborate mosaic flooring. 

Decadent crystal chandeliers beamed there with ceremonial glittering pomp, as they towered over the mahogany starlet of the backlit bar cocooned with the beaus and belles of the glamorous SW3 district, all laden with gleaming antique polished taps, and radiant, stained glass windows.

Sunday Affairs At The Cadogan Arms, Kings Road, Chelsea

Die-hard pub devotees also have the pleasure of access to the equally homely basement Rose Room, furnished with a wide-screen TV to keep their football advocates mollified as they guzzle their way through the keg beer catalogue of Camden pale ales, and malt Irish Guinness befriended with say a miniature frozen Gibson Martini or gin infused Hanky Panky.

Placed in top-tier bar position, a pre-dining, sparkling aperitif by the name of Wiston Brut, had set the tone for the evening afternoon of sophisticated Sunday revelry.

Fashioned in the rural lush haven of the Wiston Estate Winery in West Sussex, this quintessential tipple gave rise to a refined crisp vibrance of green apples, laced with tart notes of ripe gooseberry, and a buttery biscuit finish.

Voicing my fondness for a fanciful cosmopolitan, one of the many chivalrous mixologists took great amusement in sharing his equally guilty pleasure for the cranberry beverage, wasting not a second in shaking up my favoured concoction to ice chilled, pink rose perfection before being escorted to the sweeping chic ambience of the dining space.

Sunday Affairs At The Cadogan Arms, Kings Road, Chelsea

A glamorous urbane attire of luxuriant, sage green velvet seating rested comfortably around smooth polished wooden tables, further elevated with the pristine walls embellished with contemporary art features, and a marble candlelit fireplace encased in a ravishing display of dried flowers, altogether embodying a stately yet cosy  Manor House ambience.

The menu at the Cadogan Arms revels in wallowing in its focal essence of celebrating only the deep-rooted British pedigree of locally garnered seafood, meat, and vegetable produce, while presented in a fashion that showcases an elegant yet generously wholesome feasting banquet.

Heading up the hearty gastronomical endeavour of this grand “humble” pub, the dynamic fraternity of Dominic Jacobs and JKS had steered the wheels for delectable jovial collusion with the Kitchen Table’s connoisseur maestro, James Knappet to leading the culinary directorship, in the time executive chef Alex Harper began to cast his culinary sorcery, once radiated in Fulham’s award-winning gastro refuge, The Harwood Arms.

Following a nostalgic, pub classic canapé of a deluxe scotch egg with a black pudding swivel, the post-meridian fare embarked with the fried chicken, revealing tender solid breast portions immersed in a flaxen crumbly blanket, while the treasured Indian classic of fine spiced onion Bhajis added a flair of far-flung, saporous vigour to the appetisers medley.

It was beyond reasonable doubt, that the main course of our cherished Sunday celebration, satiated my long-standing yearning for a bona fide ample roast banquet.

Sunday Affairs At The Cadogan Arms, Kings Road, Chelsea

The silk tender, mid-rare beef rump from the picturesque country of Cumbria sliced like butter, brimming with powerful juices while immersed in a robust rich glistening gravy.  Although the side trimmings were approached with vigilant caution after many soggy school dinner-like encounters, the Cadogan Arms brigade was not one to rattle the smooth bon viveur voyage. 

The perfect crispness of roast potatoes hid a delightfully fluffy filling, wonderfully complimenting the golden Yorkshire puddings and piping hot serving of creamy, mature cauliflower cheese all impeccably paired with the rustic bold ripeness of cherry and blueberry from South Africa’s exquisite wine offering of their 2019 Syrah blend.

Not on to make dessert a small trifle in this gastro retreat the black cherry trifle diva held no bars in flaunting its head-turning pudding poise. An ornate ridged glass bowl showcased velvet glossed layers of vanilla bean custard, enveloped in coats of soft sponge and sweet black cherry jelly, not neglecting the elegant mountain of whipped Chantilly cream that left me euphoric with each leisurely bite, and proved an impeccable conclusion to this rest day repast.

Sunday Affairs At The Cadogan Arms, Kings Road, Chelsea

While this glittering high-brow neighbourhood has found itself accustomed to a plethora of splashy drench cocktail sanctums and flashy eateries, it can be deemed unequivocal that an insignificant fraction, is in the playing field to not only rival the Cadogan Arms’s palatial yet unpretentious settings and epic feasting delights, but the buoyant hosting brigade’s wholeheartedly thriving on down-home greetings.

From the witty bartenders to the animated maître d’, each member echoes the essence of poise and etiquette that is seeing the Cadogan Arms booking lines off the hook, as discerning diners seek to satiate their appetites on a slice of this SW3, Sunday grand pub grub.

Anuja Gaur

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