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Cotton underwear is absorbent, natural, and comfortable. Check out our top reasons for wearing more cotton undies.

Cotton is one of the most common clothing materials in the world. From your kid’s favorite t-shirt to their comfiest pair of pajama pants, chances are they probably already have a closet full of cotton to choose from. But is there enough cotton in their underwear drawer?

With Kt’s new underwear—the Cotton Super Leakproof Lace Bikini—there’s never been a better time to throw some cotton period underwear for teens into their daily mix.

From cotton’s breathable nature to its downy softness being a more sustainable alternative to synthetic fabrics, there are numerous reasons to add cotton undies to your child’s daily rotation. Read on to learn more about the benefits of cotton underwear over synthetic fibers—and finally ditch those panties made from polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics.

It’s breathable

If you have a vagina, you know that it can be super delicate and sensitive to irritation or infection. The growth of yeast and other bacteria is never fun, and wearing the right pair of undies can protect against yeast infections and the like. You have to treat the vagina gently when it comes to the fabrics that are going to be getting close to it every day to prevent excess moisture. Wearing cotton underwear is a great solution.

According to a study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, yeast infections are more likely to be caused by wearing underwear made from synthetic materials. Synthetics can trap heat—keeping the vulva a bit too nice and toasty with excess moisture, which promotes more yeast growth in the vagina by trapping heat.

A white woman strikes a pose wearing orange Kt by Knix cotton leakproof lace underwear

It’s 100% natural

Being a natural material, wearing cotton fabric has a lot of benefits, especially when it’s going to be up close and personal with a sensitive zone like a vagina. “The vulva is a very sensitive and delicate area, similar to the lips on your face. You want to treat [it] gently,” explains Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, board-certified OB-GYN.

The best way to treat it gently is by wearing a natural material, such as cotton. Cotton will help keep potential yeast infections at bay and prevent unpleasant itching. Plus, cotton’s super absorbent nature helps keep the area dry—even during the most sweaty of activities. Our Cotton Super Leakproof Lace Bikini’s fabric is soft and super breathable, making it a great option for wearing in any kind of weather—even high humidity.

Close-up of the torso of a Black woman wearing blue striped Kt by Knix cotton leakproof lace underwear

It’s comfortable

There’s a reason why so many baby clothes are made of only cotton; it’s soft, soothing, irritation-free and offers plenty of ease of movement. People prefer to wear something that feels nice on their skin, and cotton offers that.

This makes it the ultimate fabric to wear when your teen is on their period and could use a bit of extra comfort. It’s also the most comfortable underwear option if your child has sensitive skin in general, or are allergic to synthetic materials like nylon or polyester.

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Our Cotton Super Leakproof Lace Bikini is made with our Super Leakproof technology in the gusset. This means that they are naturally ultra-absorbent and can hold up to 8 tsp (that’s equivalent to 8 pads or tampons) of liquid! Many women are able to completely eliminate pads, tampons and or a menstrual cup from their period routine while wearing our cotton period panties depending on their flow. We can’t think of a more comfortable pair to wear during your child’s cycle. No more restricted clothing locking in extra moisture during your period!

Close-up of a white woman's torso wearing orange Kt by Knix cotton leakproof lace underwear

It’s absorbent

Cotton undies are naturally absorbent—meaning that they’re the best underwear to wear whether working out or relaxing at home. It doesn’t hold onto sweat and acts as a temperature regulator, keeping your child nice and dry no matter what.

In general, if your kid is a little extra sweaty, we recommend changing their underwear as needed to stay dry and for the most protection against yeast infection and other diseases. Just stick the underwear in the wash, and they’re good to wear it again and again!

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A Black woman wearing a knit crop top and black cotton leakproof lace underwear dances for the camera


It’s sustainable

The good news: cotton is generally a more sustainable option than other fabric options! When all sustainability factors are followed, cotton can be grown in a way “that can maintain levels of production with minimal environmental impact, can support viable producer livelihoods and communities, and can do so in the face of long-term ecological constraints and socioeconomic pressures,” according to CottonUP—a practical resource guide on the issues, benefits and options for sourcing more sustainable cotton.

One of the best ways to practice sustainability in our lives is by prolonging the life of the things we already own and purchasing things that last. By following the care instructions, Kt’s Cotton Super Leakproof Lace Bikini is likely to last for quite a while. No need to replace it every six months.

Ultimately, cotton is soft, 100% natural, super absorbent and naturally breathable. That’s why we chose to make our Cotton Super Leakproof Lace Bikini!

The lace trim and unique patterns on these cotton panties add a dainty touch so your teen can be confident that they’re wearing cute underwear, too—whether they’re on a heavy flow day, lounging on the couch with cramps, or just need extra protection throughout the night. 

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