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Ready to manifest your ideal reality and start living your dream life? You better be, because the Lion’s Gate portal of 2023 is officially reopening. This is considered one of the most powerful windows of opportunity for manifestation, so take this chance to breathe life into your boldest ideas and your brightest vision for the future.

So, what is the Lion’s Gate portal, exactly? This occurs when the bright blue fixed star Sirius perfectly aligns with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. When this connects with the sun in Leo, it takes on a whole new force of power. It can be intense and powerful, as well as beautiful and magical.   

The portal’s opening is a time to manifest change and to bring our hopes to fruition. Being that the sun is in Leo, it’s a great time to create and move towards a heartfelt vision quest. With Lion’s Gate being activated, we can ignite our passions and lean into making them a reality at this moment in time.

This year, Lion’s Gate falls on August 8, the same day as the last quarter moon in practical and committed Taurus. During this time, the sun—ruler of your ego—and the moon—ruler of your heart—will be clashing with each other, paving the way for motivational experiences and powerful turning points. Make no mistake—this year’s Lion’s Gate portal is opening with a fiery push. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make the most of it:

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