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You’re currently in the throes of eclipse season, which is one reason there’s been no shortage of drama. If you’re feeling the cosmic whiplash already, then you might be one of the zodiac signs affected by the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus of October 2023 the most. After all, it means you’re sitting right in the eye of the storm!

Alright, real talk—there’s no reason to be afraid of an eclipse, so don’t allow the experience to fill you with dread. In astrology, eclipses open a karmic doorway for a period of 28-days, and during this time, anything—and I mean anything—can happen. After all, an eclipse can only occur when a full moon or a new moon takes place in either of the zodiac signs situated on the North Node and the South Node. While the North Node signifies your future and your ultimate destiny, the South Node represents the energetic baggage of your past. And if your zodiac sign happens to be affected by an eclipse, it could evoke a sharp and unexpected turning point in your life. If you’re already feeling the weight of change, don’t worry—the universe knows what it’s doing.

Sometimes, the changes that take place during eclipse season can be massive and completely life-altering. Other times, the shift can be more subtle and internal, but also keenly felt. Regardless, this upcoming total lunar eclipse will shake up your reality one way or another.

Taking place on October 28 at 4:24 p.m. ET, this lunar eclipse will rise at 5 degrees Taurus. This blood moon takes place just two weeks after the solar eclipse at 21 degrees Libra, which is a continuation of an eclipse series that will extend all the way to the end of 2024. However, this upcoming lunar eclipse is part of a series that began in November 2021, bringing you to the a final conclusion of the story you’ve been writing ever since. To gain an understanding of what it may hold, look back on where you were and what you were doing six months ago, when the last series of eclipses took place on the Taurus-Scorpio. Which of the 12 astrological houses are ruled by Taurus and Scorpio in your birth chart? These areas of your life shine a revealing light on how these eclipses have been affecting you.

While the prior solar eclipse formed a connection with the South Node, this upcoming lunar eclipse will form an alliance with the North Node of Destiny. That means this lunar eclipse will likely speed you up toward your ultimate destiny, expediting the process of achieving and receiving what was always meant to be yours. It will also clean out the grime caught between the filters and facilitate the wheel of karma in your life. It will also inevitably pull you in a direction you were always fated to take, which can immediately—or eventually—lead to massive gains. Because this lunar eclipse will also form a conjunction with expansive Jupiter and square off with Pluto—planet of creation and destruction—it could lead to a major showdown that arrives when you least expect it. There will be fireworks and celebrations, but also conflict and dismay. As you mourn the past, make sure you cheers to the future. You’ve worked hard to get here and you’ve earned it.

These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel the Lunar Eclipse the Most

If your sun sign, moon sign or—most importantly—your rising sign falls under any of the following zodiac signs (especially if it happens to be between 0 and 10 degrees of), the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus could lead to a spiritual glow-up. Here’s why:

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