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 If you love a neutral eyeshadow look, this “one and done” palette is for you. I took this neutral eyeshadow palette with me on my trip to California and it’s been perfect. It’s all your need for an everyday eye.

I got this MAC Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette at Nordstrom (on sale right now) in the shade “Amber Times Nine”. You can also use the darker shades if you like a Smokey eye. I like to add this single shadow (shade “Oh So Guilty”) in the inner corner and it really made my eyes pop.

Nordstrom carries the top beauty brands and always has the best selection when it comes to makeup. I always look there first when I’m looking to add something new to my beauty routine.

xx Ashley

This post is written in collaboration with Nordstrom. All opinions and selections are my own.

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