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Just in time for March 8th, I decided to depart from my usual skincare rants and wish everyone a beautiful weekend in preparation for International Women’s Day. One of my favorite holidays when I was growing up in Belgrade was International Women’s Day. The scent of fresh flowers would overwhelm the city, and we were all rushing to deliver bouquets and small gifts to the most important women in our lives. Family members, teachers, neighbors, and friends – all women were celebrated. Looking back, I realized how effortless and powerful it felt like to be a woman. It wasn’t just that the men were celebrating women, WOMEN were celebrating other women. Maybe this is why I always felt (since I was just a young adult) that women were incredibly capable and powerful beings. And this is not in any way to put down the importance of men and their abilities, it’s just that we’re a little more special. 😉

But on a serious note, I feel, as women, we must push further. Discussing women’s issues is fine, but I’d like to see some fundamental changes in how we see ourselves – but most importantly, how we see other women. We need less victims, more confidence. Less hesitation, more tenacity. We don’t need to be a damsel in distress, and we certainly don’t need to be saved by any man. Now, I admit that having a powerful rich man or father may make your life easier. However, there’s nothing like paving your own way. Even when it’s not easy.

I would also like to see more accountability and less hesitation on calling out women who do not behave in a queenly manner.Real change will be palpable when we stop celebrating women because of their gender, but because of their accomplishments and character. I for one never hired anyone based on their gender, but in my vast experience, I feel the most powerful with other equals in the same room. 
Finally, true power comes when you feel powerful inside. When you know who you are, and when you know where you’re going. To all the women who I met on my path, I wish you a happy International Women’s Day. 


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