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Always book incognito

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You should always go into anonymous mode on your browser before looking at flights. Airlines can get a lot of access to your travel plans from the cookies they keep on your computer. They’ve been known to charge you more for your flight if they know exactly when you want to take off.

Make use of the 24 hour hack

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If you’re worried about booking a flight and finding it cheaper elsewhere, don’t be. If you discover a lower price somewhere within 24 hours of booking, you might be able to cancel it and get a complete refund. Do read the small print though, as not all airlines will abide by this rule!

Set up a travel alert for the cheapest prices

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A lot of people wonder when it’s best to schedule a flight (in terms of lowest cost)? If you want to know when the best time to book a trip is, sign up for an app like Hopper. Those who have traveled cheaply know to set an alert and wait for the best discounts to come to them.

The shoulder season is a REAL thing

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The shoulder season is the time of year between the busy summer and winter tourist seasons. The off-season is the best time to plan a cheaper and less-busy trip than what you’d usually get. The “dead zones” of early December, late January, spring, and late August–early October on are the cheapest seasons of the year to book a flight.

Get a travel credit card

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A travel credit card might help you save a good amount of money on your vacations. Free travel insurance, access to airport lounges, and points that can be redeemed for airfare, hotel stays, and more are just a few of the advantages that come with using a travel credit card. Find a credit card with travel incentives that works for you and your spending habits by doing some research.

If you’ve got kids, travel overnight

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This is one for you parents! Overnight travel with kids might be simpler if you time it just right. With any luck, your children will sleep during much of the trip, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the ride. This works especially well if you’re driving overnight!

Why not house-sit?

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Many services, like Trusted House Sitters, help homeowners find house sitters in return for free housing. Taking care of the house and dogs while the owners are gone entails little more than keeping them fed and watered. Not only will you be able to save money on lodging, but you’ll also get a more authentic local experience.

Use an app to secure the best seats

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We can all agree that there’s nothing worse than being allocated a middle seat or having to sit too close to the plane’s restroom. Get the best seats possible with the help of an app like Seat Guru. Also, try booking the aisle and window seats as rarely people will book the middle isolated seat.

Pre-order your airport food

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You’ve thought about everything else for your trip, so why not the food you’ll eat in the airport? Instead of relying on a stale tuna salad wrap you can order your food in advance via companies like Grab and pick it up on the way to your gate. Easy peasy!

Use packing cubes

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Everyone knows luggage is expensive, so this travel agent suggests to use packing cubes if you’ve only got limited space. You won’t have to rummage through your whole luggage to get what you need. Instead, you can just take out the cube holding it. They’re cheap and available in a range of sizes!

Save time by marking your luggage as fragile

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Okay, so it might be a lie, but only a little white one. It will save you so much time if you mark your luggage as fragile. Fragile items are usually loaded last onboard the plane, but they are the first off the carousel at baggage claim. You can get straight out of there!

Figure out the airport WiFi passwords BEFORE you go

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Listen, that down time to kill at an airport is the worst, don’t spend it disconnected from the world by trying to figure the WiFi password out. You can get the airport and lounge passwords for 266 different worldwide airports online via a quick search!

Take a copy of your travel docs

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All travelers will benefit from this, but those with several stops or a lengthy journey will find it extremely useful! Have copies of your insurance card, plane tickets, immunization records, and other necessary paperwork in your carry-on at all times.

Don’t forget to download the map too!

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Listen, we all know that not EVERY place has WiFi. That means sometimes Google or Apple maps might not want to work! For peace of mind, download a Google Map of your location in advance so that you have it to hand when you find yourself lost in the streets.

Planning a road trip? Figure out your bathroom breaks

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Planning on driving instead of flying? Well, unless you have some cool apps on your phone, figuring out when and where to pull over might be a bit difficult when you’re in need of a bathroom break. The app SitOrSquat not only shows you the locations of the closest restrooms, but also rates how clean they are!

Buy a Universal adapter

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It’s likely that you’ll need a new adapter if you’re going to another country. Bring a universal adapter with you to ensure you can charge your electronic devices in any country you find yourself in. It’s more expensive to buy one of these at the airport, so if you need one, it’s best to get one before you go.

Don’t forget your refillable travel size toiletries

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Full-size bottles of shampoo and shaving cream take up too much room in your baggage. But travel toiletries also don’t come cheap. Why not reuse those small bottles over and over again by filling them up. You could even top them up with the hotel’s own toiletries!

Use a sunglasses case for power cords

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Power cords are a hassle, full stop. Whether you’re going through security or just trying to use your laptop on the plane, it becomes a tangled mess. If your wires are very lengthy, though, you may keep them clean and tidy by placing them in an eyeglasses case!

Bring an empty water bottle

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The biggest issue with going abroad is not being able to take liquids, and having to buy a bottle of water at the airport (which is usually so expensive). Instead, why not take an empty water bottle and use a water fountain on the other side? It will save you some money!

Here’s how to find out if your sheets are dirty!

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If you want to know that you’re being met with clean sheets without using one of those dark lights, we have the hack for you. Check your bedding for new creases. A recent bed change occurred if you see neatly folded sheet creases, but if you can’t see any, call housekeeping!

Join a tour group

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Joining a tour group is a fantastic way to take the hassle out of traveling with a large party. This way, you can relax and enjoy the trip without stressing about the details of organizing all the sightseeing. You’ll also get to meet new people and make some friends!

Choose the right day to travel

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Listen, you can certainly expect busy airports over Christmas and Thanksgiving. Avoid going anywhere during bottleneck days to stay away from the worst of the crowds. This means not taking a trip between December 23 and December 26 and the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Download the Google translate app

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Not man people know you can use your phone’s camera to interpret a menu or sign. The app uses augmented reality to translate the selected text and superimpose it on the screen. This new method of transportation seems plucked straight from a futuristic film.

Don’t forget the portable charger!

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Everyone knows the frustration of having a dead phone with no place to plug it in. If you bring a portable charger with you, you can be certain that your phone will always have power wherever you go. While they can be a bit annoying to carry around, having one available is so helpful.

Noise cancelling earphones are the way forward

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Noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute must for anybody who enjoys listening to music without hearing everyone else. While they can be a little expensive, noise canceling headphones are well worth the expense for anybody who enjoys listening to music or audiobooks!

Download your boarding passes

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You’re at the airport, ready to board the aircraft, when you realize that your phone has no service and won’t allow you download your boarding card. Plan to avoid this usual problem by getting your boarding tickets ahead of time using an offline download!

Get to know the locals

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You already know that the greatest places to eat and drink are the ones the locals tend to visit. Nobody wants to browse dozens, if not hundreds, of reviews on Yelp or Google Maps and pray that you might end up somewhere semi-decent. Instead, get chatting to the locals at a bar!

Use a local ATM for currency

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Don’t bother with the airport currency exchange kiosks if you’re going to need to take some foreign cash. The cost of the services will quickly add up. It’s safer to use an ATM, especially if your bank has another branch abroad – it usually means free cash withdrawals!

Hire a luggage company for your last day

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Have you ever left your hotel knowing you still have a whole day of sites to see but you’ve got your luggage with you? Companies like BagsAway are a fantastic time-saving travel trick for those who despise being dragged about by their luggage. Just simply drop off your luggage and explore!

First aid kit, always!

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What do you plan to do when or if you hurt yourself on your trip? That’s why you shouldn’t forget the bandages, antibiotic cream, antacids, cold medicine, and lozenges. It’s not a case of preparing for the worst case scenario, but rather for the more likely scenario of minor accidents that could need a trip to the pharmacy.

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