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In a spectacular fusion of haute couture and Mediterranean allure, Zuma Mykonos is set to undergo a breathtaking transformation from the 1st of August to the 4th of September.

The illustrious realm of Louis Vuitton, steeped in French heritage, will grace the serene abode of Zuma, infusing it with an air of elegance and opulence. This captivating takeover promises an extraordinary rendezvous with the fusion of fashion, gastronomy, and entertainment, elevating the art of luxury living to new heights.

Unveiling Luxury: Louis Vuitton's Poolside Soirée at Zuma Mykonos

A Sublime Aquatic Overture

Drawing inspiration from the cerulean expanse of the ocean and the brilliance of sun-kissed whites, the poolside metamorphosis will be nothing short of a visual masterpiece. The iconic monograms and distinctive hues of Louis Vuitton will drape the pool beds and the crystalline waters themselves, evoking a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

Every corner of this resplendent canvas will bear the imprint of Louis Vuitton’s artistic curation, as chic pool accessories, sumptuous pillows, plush towels, and sun beds are elegantly reimagined through the lens of the French fashion house’s contemporary coastal aesthetic.

Unveiling Luxury: Louis Vuitton's Poolside Soirée at Zuma Mykonos

Guests are invited to embrace leisurely mornings by the azure pool, accompanied by the allure of Louis Vuitton’s poolside accoutrements. As the day unfolds, a delectable array of gastronomic delights awaits, ranging from a light and refreshing luncheon to the exquisite culinary voyage of Zuma’s renowned izakaya experience. With the restaurant just a stone’s throw away, a seamless transition from poolside serenity to gastronomic indulgence awaits discerning palates.

Sartorial Splendour at Sunset

As the golden sun begins its descent, the enchantment continues. Evening cocktails, savoured against the backdrop of Mykonos’ breathtaking sunsets, offer the perfect canvas for guests to showcase their Louis Vuitton ensembles. A symphony of new and timeless creations, meticulously curated for holiday finery, beckons from the two on-site boutiques, promising a tapestry of sartorial elegance

As twilight ushers in the night, the journey culminates in the inviting embrace of the restaurant. Here, a symphony of culinary treasures unfolds, epitomizing the essence of Zuma’s culinary prowess.

Unveiling Luxury: Louis Vuitton's Poolside Soirée at Zuma Mykonos

From a tantalising tasting menu to indulging in signature Zuma classics, such as the succulent roasted lobster adorned with green chilli and garlic shiso butter, and the iconic marinated black cod enveloped in the embrace of a hoba leaf, every palate is invited to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic odyssey.

An Exclusive Affair

Earlier in the season, the collaborative tale between Zuma and Louis Vuitton was unveiled through the inception of two ephemeral boutiques. Within these luxurious enclaves, guests can explore an exclusive array of treasures, including the coveted ‘Neverfull Mykonos resort bag’ and the alluring By the Pool collection.

Unveiling Luxury: Louis Vuitton's Poolside Soirée at Zuma Mykonos

A curated selection of men’s and women’s summer ensembles, footwear, and a curated ensemble of Louis Vuitton’s most cherished leather goods and accessories, further amplify the allure of this ephemeral rendezvous.

From the 1st of August to the 4th of September, an illustrious epoch unfurls at Zuma Mykonos, beckoning guests to embrace the spirit of Louis Vuitton’s unceasing voyage and coastal elegance. This transcendent convergence of luxury, fashion, and cuisine epitomizes the quintessence of refined living, inviting all to partake in an enchanting dimension that seamlessly weaves together the legacies of two eminent powerhouses. The horizon of Zuma Mykonos transforms, embarking on a journey that is, at once, a celebration of the art of living and an embodiment of timeless allure.

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