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Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign and your face have something in common? Well, your ascendant—aka your rising sign—certainly does. In astrology, the rising sign describes the essence of your personality and the way you navigate the world. It’s the first layer of your spiritual being that comes in contact with your environment! However, it can also describe the face you put on for the world; your physical features, your body shape and even the way you express your emotions on the surface.

To make matters even more interesting, all 12 of the rising signs have their own signature appearance and physical quirks. For example, a Cancer rising might have a heart-shaped figure due to their romantic and compassionate nature. A strong and willful Aries rising might be known for its broad shoulders and capable stature. If you’re curious about what your rising sign can tell you about your facial features and physical traits, read on.

The term “rising sign” is used to describe the zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon the moment you came into this world and took your first breath as a baby. In astrology, this is known as the moment the soul enters the body. And the zodiac sign at play during that brief moment is a zodiac sign that will dictate so much of motivates you throughout your life.

The rising sign (or ascendant) can be a telling indicator of the way you appear to others. Think of it as everyone’s first impression of you. Your rising sign governs your physical appearance, your mannerisms and the overall way you project yourself. The ascendant sign also rules your first house of the self in your birth chart, which represents your body, outer appearance and temperament. However, remember that genetics, habits and the aging process of life influences your appearance as well, so take these descriptions with a grain of salt.

If you’re not sure what your ascendant or rising sign is, input your date, time and location of birth in this natal chart calculator to find out! And without further ado, this is what you might look like, according to your rising sign:

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