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Why We Launched New Period Proof Swim Colours

Exciting new product alert- the new WUKA swim collection is live! 

We’ve got some gorgeous new colours to share, now available in two styles. Read on to find out more about why we launched the new period proof swim collection.

Introducing the new WUKA Period Swim Collection

So what’s new? Introducing four gorgeous new colours: Purple, Tennis Green, Blue and- coming soon- Deep Pink. And also introducing a new high waisted style, perfect for creating a supported, deeply flattering silhouette. 

The colours are contemporary, stylish and bold. The new high waist style is ultra-comfy and oh-so perfect for every single body type. So what do you think?!

Why we launched the new WUKA swim collection

Time to get serious for a moment. You know that here at WUKA we believe that nothing should hold you back in life, and especially not your period. We will beat this drum forever. Because there is so much out there for us all- so many experiences waiting for us, activities to enjoy and places to visit. Life is for living, and periods are a fact of life- so the two simply need to get along together. 

We created period swimwear because we know that in reality, lots of people are held back by their period. We know that a huge 1 in 4 girls miss out on swimming because of their period. We know that countless girls also miss swimming (and other sports) due to lack of self-esteem and poor body confidence. And let’s get real. There are plenty of grown ups who miss out too.

New leak-proof period swimwear collection - chlorine resistant, UV50+ sun protection, recycled nylon, water repellent

The mums who shy away from playing with the kids in the water during family holidays. The tweens, teens and older ones who don’t have the confidence to hit the pool- whether it’s due to their period, or other reasons. The ones who get their first period on holiday, the ones with a horrendously irregular cycle (will it arrive, won’t it…?), the ones who want a more eco-friendly option.

We launched our new swim collection with all of you in mind.

First and foremost, we want our period swim briefs to enable you to swim on your period. We’ll get on to how they work in a minute. But more than that, we wanted our new collection to speak to you. To let you know that your period doesn’t have to mean boring swimwear, or boring alternative activities. To know that you can lounge, play, dive, jump, just make a splash, even on your period! But to also know that you can find a flattering fit to suit your body (even if you’re bloated!), you don’t need hide away and miss the fun this summer. Your period will not hold you back.

Why you’ll love our new period swim collection 

We have a suspicion you’re going to really love this collection! And right now, we’re offering you 15% off too- plus we’re donating 1% of every sale from the new period swim collection to amazing charity, The Wave Project. 

So you’re not only investing in your own happiness and health this summer, but that of countless young people currently suffering with mental health disorders in the UK. Read more about our collaboration with The Wave Project here. 

The new pieces are all waterproof, will protect against UV50+ and anti-chlorine to prevent fading and prolong their use. They’re easy to wash too- just pop them in a normal load ( in a mesh wash bag if you can) on a cool wash, with no fabric conditioner. Line dry, and re-use. 

New swimwear colours

We chose these vibrant colours to celebrate the summer, but also to give you more flexibility when you’re on your period. Wear them underneath your usual swimsuit, or with a contrasting bikini top, or just under your shorts if there’s a water fight on the cards. 

Our new bikini briefs have got you, and your flow. 

The new colours are available for adults in sizes XS to 4XL and in our Teen Period Swim Collection, sizes XXS to L.

New high waist style

Go on, take a dip! Our new high waist swim bikini briefs will support you, and protect you- while you make this summer the one where you actually got in the pool, and played with the kids. The one where you didn’t let period bloating keep you form making memories. The one where you had a period on holiday. Big deal!

Great for postpartum, all body sizes and shapes and not to mention, there for those pesky trickly leaks… you know what we mean.

The high waisted style swim bikini briefs are available for adults, sizes XS to 4XL.

Period stress on holiday? No way.

How the period swimwear works

We need to get slightly technical for a moment, but we know that loads of you will ask. 

All of our period swimwear is designed for a light to medium flow. We always advise that seeing as you know your flow best, you can always double up with a cup on your heavier days if you want to.

The swimwear is has an interwoven gusset made up of three unique layers. 

The top layer sits next to your skin, so is super soft and comfortable. It’s breathable too. 

The middle layer is highly absorbent and moisture wicking, drawing blood in and away from the body. It will absorb up to 3 tampons worth of blood. 

The final layer is made from the same fabric as the rest of the garment. It’s aquaphobic- so it repels water, keeping it away from from the middle layer of the gusset- meaning that only your period flow is absorbed. 

No leaks, no problem. 

Shop the collection now, and get 15% off at checkout for a limited time only.

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What sizes are the swim bikini briefs available in?

Adult Sizes range from XS- 4XL in both the bikini and high waist swim briefs. Teens Swim Bikini Briefs are available in sizes 2XS – L.

What styles are the briefs available in?

Two styles. The high waist style is available for adults whilst the classic bikini brief is available for adults and teens.

How do I know what size of Teen Swim briefs to buy for my child?

2XS-8-10, XS-10-12, S-12-14, M-14+. These are just for recommendation. We know all kids grow at different rates, so the best way to get the right size is measure the widest part at the hip and see our size chart to get the right size. 

You can always ask our customer support if you need help. Another way to get the size right is by matching with high-street brands, if your teen wears size 4-6 opt for 2XS, if they wear 6-8 go for size XS, If they wear 8-10, go for small size.

Is the swimwear chlorine safe?

Yes. Our period swimwear is seawater and chlorine-resistant which helps to prevent fading and keeps your swimwear long-lasting.

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