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A yoni egg is a smooth stone made of natural crystal that’s been polished enough to be non-porous and egg-shaped for insertion into your vagina. The word yoni is Sanskrit and means “womb” although modern use usually refers to yoni as the vulva or vagina. The egg part of the name is due to the shape that the stone is made into.  

What do yoni eggs do?

Yoni eggs are used for kegel exercises.  The weight of the egg acts as a kegel ball and a series of exercises can be carried out to improve pelvic floor tone and strength.  Being made of natural minerals of the earth, that do not leach out toxic chemicals, they are safe to use and have also been anecdotally recorded as providing the healing benefits of the crystal, which we can go into more later.   

How do yoni eggs work?

Yoni eggs work as a tool to bring awareness to the pelvic region and to gently and progressively stregthen the pelvic floor.  Eco Period Australia’s Love Stone Yoni Eggs come with a practice guide, to show you some gentle yoni egg exercises to work through in your yoni practice.  

We do not recommend inserting the eggs and leaving them in all day, instead, we ask you to begin with 5 minutes per day and work your way up to longer sessions and more difficult exercises as you are able to.  

Anything that strengthens the pelvic floor can reduce urinary incontinence and improve sexual pleasure and response.  By inserting the eggs and contracting your pelvic floor muscles like your PC muscles and levator ani muscles that help keep your vagina, bladder, and rectum in place and toned.

As for the benefits from the crystals, we cannot claim to know exactly how that works, but the natural basis of the materials they are made from, free from plastics, silicone, and toxic heavy metals or chemicals, makes them safe to use, and so we like that.

Many spiritual and energetic healers use crystals for their healing benefits, and speak to the different benefits of different types of crystals.  Rose Quartz for example, is said to activate the heart chakra, so using a rose quartz yoni egg may have benefits for those seeking to bring loving energy into their life.

Nephrite Jade for example, is said to be cleansing, which brings purity of energy and can also help you feel secure and stable, especially when you’re going through something tumultuous in your life.  Many mothers choose this egg as it helps to bring about balance in a hectic life of juggling kids, husbands, partners, career and home life and feeling like there is any energy left in the tank.

Are yoni eggs safe?

If you keep them clean (use warm soap and water after use) and dry, use lubricant with each use (we recommend a natural one like coconut oil) then they are safe to use.  The main risk is of potentially getting a urinary tract infection from the low chance that bacteria around the anus gets into the vagina, so make sure to shower or bathe well before use and only use a thoroughly cleansed egg to insert into your yoni.  


“In all of my years of practice, I have never seen any poor outcomes from women using a jade egg vaginally.  Given the inert quality of the stone, I think that the risk of TSS or other infection is negligible.”– Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, MHS

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