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Did someone say pool party? What you need to know about the innovative technology behind period swimwear, and the best period-proof bathing suits for teens.

There are few things as invigorating as taking a dip in the water on a warm day, or bobbing around an indoor pool in the dead of winter. 

On top of being a great form of exercise, studies show swimming is especially adept at providing stress relief—the very rhythms of swimming are a soothing balm for our nervous system, which is essential to relaxation. 

How unfortunate it is, then, that 1 in 2 girls report quitting sports (like swimming) due to fears of period leaks and the impacts of menstruation on athletic performance. That a natural bodily function should keep girls out of sports fields and swimming pools is a tragedy—one that reveals the extent to which periods can impact the day-to-day lives of girls. 

Thankfully, period swimwear—whether it’s a one piece or bikini—is the new frontier of period-proof clothing, a wonderful addition to period underwear and activewear.  

Period swimwear can be paired with a menstrual cup or tampon for backup leak protection while swimming. That’s why period swimwear is such a game-changer, especially if you’re on the lookout for a bathing suit that serves a protective function, while remaining cute and stylish. 

That’s why we’re dishing on what you need to know about the innovative technology behind period swimwear, and our swimwear collection of period-proof bathing suits.

How Does Period Swimwear Work?

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From the outside, there’s no apparent difference between period swimwear and a regular bathing suit. The beauty of period swimwear is that the bathing suit gusset (essentially a super discreet absorbent liner) is subtly hard at work helping to prevent leaks and seeps. 

This is thanks to Leakproof technology, which comprises a multi-layered gusset that’s built into period swimwear to trap and absorb period blood. It’s similar to period underwear, except designed especially for the water. 

Swimming on your period hardly gets better than forgetting to worry about leaks altogether, especially for teens who are navigating the early days of managing their menstrual cycles in tandem with the demands of, well, being a teen (puberty is hard). 

On lighter flow days, your teen can sport their one piece swimsuit or bikini bottom all on its own without second thought whereas, on heavier days, period swimwear may be worn as backup protection with a tampon or menstrual cup. 

When it comes to period bathing suits, you can machine wash cold, lay flat to dry, and wear over and over again.

So if you’re looking for the best swimsuits for teens that provide period protection (and are size-inclusive), reach for the period swimwear and check out our favorite one piece swimsuit and two piece styles below. 

For the Teen Who Looks Forward to Weekly Swim Practice

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If your daughter has gone from a little kid who loved to cosplay as a mermaid to a full-blown teen on the high school swim team, look no further than the Period Swim Sport One Piece. A perennial bestseller and top style, this sporty one piece swimsuit is fully lined, has an open racerback for better mobility, and, of course, boasts a silky-smooth Leakproof liner that sits comfortably against the skin. 

It’s an essential that will have your teen swimming freely and fearlessly—even during their period. And, like all Period Swim, has 50+ UPF protection

For the Teen Who Wants Maximum Butt Coverage

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When it comes to teenagers in the throws of adolescence, comfort and coverage are often top of mind. Sometimes, feeling full of confidence comes down to full-coverage swimwear (with period protection, to boot). 

That’s where Period Swim Board Shorts swoop in to save the day. Featuring a mid-rise fit with more coverage than your average bikini bottom and a leak-fighting liner, it’s the perfect swimsuit for a beach day, pool party, and other water-based hangouts—so your teen never misses out. 

For the Teen Who Spends Summer at the Beach

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If swimming, splashing, and sunbathing is where the teen in your life can be found when school’s out for summer, toss them a pair of Period Swim Twist High Rise Bikini Bottoms. Because wearing period-proof swimwear means being able to engage in all their favorite summer activities.

These swim bottoms are the main character on light days, and reliable backup protection for heavy flows. The high waisted style features a flattering twist-front waistband, available in a range of fun patterns and bright colors for teens who are more concerned with form over function (so, basically all teens). 

For the Teen Who Prefers Bikini Tops to a One Piece Swimsuit

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Period-proof bathing suits for teens are revolutionary and all, but what’s a period-protected swim bottom without a matching bikini top? For the ultimate swim top that hugs and supports in all the right places, there’s the Double Scoop Bikini Top—because there’s nothing worse than bikini tops with flimsy straps. Sporty, sleek, and hardware-free, this pullover bikini top has a secure underband and thick straps that stay put—even during the most rigorous of free swims. 

For the Teen Who Loves a Stylish One-Piece

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Be there, be square, or be there in this cute square-neck style. From cannonballs to lazy rivers, the Period Swim Square Neck One-Piece not only helps lock in leaks, but fits like a glove and can be moved around in comfortably. 

Designed with a trendy square neck and adjustable straps, this bathing suit for teens can go from swim meet to beach day. 

Curious about period-proof swimsuits? Shop the full collection of swimwear for teens.

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